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RED ~ a sacred sensual space

RED is a space for mystics of all paths to find the tools and information they need to blossom into themselves. Created by Priestess Brandi Auset, RED offers online workshops guided by unique and skilled practitioners, all dedicated to a cleaner, deeper, more sensual path of the Witch and Priestess. This is a space of rich taste and gentle touch, of beautiful sights, and luscious scents. A space to hear the Divine within you. A Sacred Sensual Space.

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About this Course

Wild craft. Herb craft. Kitchen craft. Ritual craft. Spirit craft.

The word “craft” descends to us from the old English word “craeft,” meaning strength or skill. “Crafting Transformation” then means the skill of changing forms, the skill of creating, the strength in creating. The elements of Earth - Air - Fire - Water - Spirit will guide you to craft new ways to infuse elemental healing into your daily practice.

 “Crafting Transformation” is treasure hunting, kitchen witching, medicine making, ritual building, and spirit finding. It is the process of making things with your hands, your mind, your spirit.

Join herbalist Leah Wolfe in this 5-week online course honoring the plants and herbs of the five sacred elements.

The first section will send you on a wild crafting treasure hunt to connect you to the elements where you live. Section 2 will get you in the kitchen, crafting deep nourishment with easy elemental recipes. The third section will show you how to make your own elemental herbal medicines. Section 4 will guide you in creating daily healing rituals. The fifth section will be a unique crafting experience to help you connect with the spirit that moves through all things.

This course begins on January 7th, 2019 and registration is open now!

About Your Guide:

Leah Wolfe, MPH, is a full-time herbalist living on a farm in NE Ohio. She has a background in public health research and health education but has a penchant for the unexplainable. The Trillium Center, an educational project, emerged during the depths of winter 2012 when the thinning veil allowed her to see her path as a teacher alongside the great lake of Erie. The Trillium Center is run out of BLD farm, a small homesteading farm where she teaches people how to identify, process, and use wild plants. Classes are taught in a straw bale classroom made with local clay mixed with straw and cattail fluff. Leah travels cross country to gather plants in many ecosystems and teaches where ever there are people who want to learn more about plants and medicine. Contact her about having a class in your area. Now she is bringing you some online tools for inspiration during the dark days of winter. Contact Leah at