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About this course

Do people turn to you naturally for advice and help? Do you find yourself thinking about ways to celebrate the turning of the seasons, to commemorate life’s milestones and passages, remembering those that have passed beyond the veil, helping others connect to the divine spark?  Because you are already doing this, you may have wondered if there was a place where you could find skills, knowledge, resources and inspiration.  

Being a priestess is an unusual role in the 21st century - but one that is coming more and more to the forefront. In many religions women have been excluded from holding positions of spiritual authority. Now more than ever our voices, and our leadership, are are needed now.

This introductory class will give you an opportunity to dip your toe into the water and see how your role as a priestess might unfold.

Your guides for this course are Anne Key and Candace Kant. We are both practicing priestesses, academics, writers and teachers, and we are dedicated to creating opportunities for everyone to connect with the Divine and for women to step into positions of spiritual authority. We hope this course of study helps you to connect both within and without.

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