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Susan Harper

Susan Harper, Ph.D., is an educator, activist, advocate, and ritual specialist. She holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Southern Methodist University and an MA in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies from Texas Woman's University. Susan is passionate about making spirituality accessible, practical, and personal. Her workshops focus on using spiritual information and techniques to facilitate transformation in our personal lives. She seeks to help people equip themselves with skills and tools that will aid their continuous growth. Susan has over two decades' worth of experience with Feminist Spiritualty, Wicca and other forms of NeoPaganism, energetic healing modalities, Tarot, ecstatic movement, and other transformative practices.

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About this course

The Goddess Circle Study Group is an exclusive, members-only space for those who want to explore Goddess Spirituality, step into their authentic power, and foster their personal growth. Here you'll find recommended readings and other resources, lively group discussion, learning activities, and spiritual community. The group is also connected to my Etsy shop, and group members will get first chance at new products and special deals on Dreaming Priestess products and events.  This group is ongoing and ever-evolving, with new resources and activities being added all the time!