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Angela Grace

Angela Grace is a Hoodoo Practitioner, Reiki Master, Crystal healer, initiated Shakta, jewelry maker, Aborisha in the Lucumi tradition and a very grateful child of Yemaya. She combines practical and spiritual practices, workings, elixirs and adornments to enhance, guide and bring meaningful joy to her clients' lives. Angela carries a deep love for Goddess and teaching women to realize and implement their own Divine power and grace. With a special heart for those transitioning from this world and those grieving them, Angela brings her years of hospice experience to her teachings and healings. In her spare time, she can be found travelling the world with her beloved furry sidekick Bailey, who has her own love and magic for palliative animals and feral kitties.

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About this course

Hoodoo is a rich and meaningful magical practise. Birthed during one of the darkest times in history, it deserves to be known, preserved and respected. Whether in your ancestral DNA or not, the Ancestors call out to be remembered and honoured. They were shining lights bringing hope where there was none. Let their light and knowledge touch and guide you as you learn one small part of a very large and complex system.

There are uses for Hoodoo in every area of our lives, but most people know Hoodoo for it's money works. Put down frequently to silly superstitions these works are powerful and produce results. In this class, you will learn to make a simple money lamp that can be used to bring prosperity and abundance into your life. It includes both written word and videos to give you a clear instruction into the money lamp construction. 

Included in this course:

  • Basic History of Hoodoo
  • Name Papers
  • Money Herbs and their correspondences.
  • Why the Bible is used in Hoodoo
  • Money working Psalms
  • How to cleanse your house the Hoodoo way with recipes
  • How to awaken your herbs and roots
  • Step by step instructions to create a Money Lamp

Format: On Demand - All course material is immediately accessible and you may move through at your pace. Angela Grace is available for questions.