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Gail Jessen

My life’s work is helping women have a wild remembering. My own wild remembering came after a medical diagnosis that changed my life forever. I walked away from my 15-year career in higher education, sold everything I owned, and booked a one-way ticket to Indonesia. After two years of traveling solo around the world, I went back to school at age 37 to become a professionally trained metalsmith. I forge wearable altars of metal and stone. I also design virtual learning communities where women can connect with ancient mysteries and lunar magic. This creative work, this sacred alchemy, is a both a culmination and a manifestation of my own wild remembering.

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About this course

More flow, less striving.

More ease, less hustle.

Manifest with the Moon aligns your creative powers with the ancient rhythm of the cosmos. This e-course is 28 juicy days of seasonal wisdom, goddess archetypes, stone medicine, elemental magic, rituals, and a few bonus surprises.

It’s time, wild one. It’s time to begin manifesting like the divine creature you are.

Are you ready?

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