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About this course


Ancient Goddess? Christian Saint? Neo-Pagan Deity? Who is Brigit? How do we know? Where can you find reliable information about her, and materials which take an approach that’s right for you? You can start right here:

This class follows the introductory class Discovering Brigit , building on and referring back to it.   Discovering Brigit is a brief pre-requisite to this course.

Included in this course of eleven modules over 30 days are:

· An invitation and instructions on how to set an intention to carry with you through the course

· Creating sacred space and basic meditation technique

· Meditations (guided, silent, and walking)

· Poetry, song, and stories of the goddess and saint (including some song downloads)

· Festivals and associations (expanded)

· An examination of the goddess Brigit’s triplicity and relationships: what would it be like to grow up in that community with those sisters?

· It’s complicated: Saint Brigit’s family life, and the setting against each other of her mother and her father’s wife

· Eating with Brigit: how she and her people would have eaten, ritual use of food, traditional recipes (which I hope to hear reports on the results thereof!)

· Creating Brigit crafts and art

· Journalling

· A look at Brigit and her people, her land

· Brigidines for a better world

· Visioning Brigit in your life

· More resources

· Notice of an upcoming Brigit Intensive, scheduled for fall 2017.


To enhance your experience of this course and your understanding of Brigit, please purchase a paper or e-format copy of Morgan Daimler’s book Pagan Portals – Brigit. Pagan Portals - Brigid is a basic introduction to the Goddess Brigid focusing on her history and myth as well as her modern devotion and worship.

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About your guide, Mael Brigde:

Since the early 1980s, Mael Brigde has found endless spiritual wealth in the conflicting and complementary traditions surrounding Brigit. Among her greatest pleasures are walking with Brigit as a steady companion, and sharing her with others.

In 1993 she founded the first interfaith Brigidine flame-tending group, the Daughters of the Flame, which continues to today. She lit their first candle to Brigit on Imbolc 1993—the same day, she learned much later, that the Irish Catholic Brigidine sisters relit her perpetual fire in Kildare. 

She maintains the blog Brigit’s Sparkling Flame, which points readers to Brigit-related websites, books, CDs, and so on, as well as offering reviews and original materials. Feel free to contact her with suggestions for future postings.

Mael Brigde is currently working on a book of poems and prayers to Brigit. Some of her (and others’) poetry can be found at Stone on the Belly

She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Daughters of the Flame (flamekeepers):

Brigit’s Sparkling Flame (general Brigit blog):

Stone on the Belly (Brigit poetry blog):


LibraryThing – Brigit (and related) Book Listings:

Rowan Hagen, Australia:

"Mael Brigde draws on decades of study and personal dedication to Brighid in Her many forms. I recommend this course to anyone wishing to explore women's spirituality from the Celtic tradition." 

Gail Nyoka, USA:

"Brigit speaks through Mael Brigde in the healing community she has created in Daughters of the Flame. " 

Nichole C. USA:

"I have learned what it means to follow Brigit through Mael Brigde's exemplary leadership and compassionate, wise ways. She has taught me not only about Brigit's history and mythology but its relevance and importance in one's own life and how having a personal relationship with Her can bring fulfillment and joy."