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Gail Jessen

I'm on a mission to remind you how wild you were before the world told you who you should be.  I'm a Wild Alignment Coach, Creatrix, and Metalsmith. I'm the founder of The Wild Women Collective and the creative mind behind Gail Jessen Designs. I handcraft sterling silver jewelry, e-courses, and sacred ritual spaces designed to inspire your unique magic. My work is focused on helping women take back their power, to live in tune with the seasons, lunar cycles, and elemental magic.  After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease, I left everything behind to embark on a solo walkabout around the world. I've been chasing adventures ever since.

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About this Course

ALIGN Program Sessions:

Each session has 3-5 different modules within it. The program is paced in such a way that you can comfortably complete it in 21-ish days, even with live coaching calls. Research tells us it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I say take it a step further. These 21 days will radically change your life. 

Session #1 :: Released 04 May

Welcome To Your Desire Map


Session #2 :: Released 07 May

Dissatisfaction is Your Teacher

* LIVE Coaching Call #1 :: Wednesday, 09 May, 7:00pm MT

Session #3 ::  Released 10 May

Assessing 5 Lifestyle Categories

Session #4 :: Released 14 May

Pause for Integration


* LIVE Coaching Call #2 :: Monday, 14 May, 7:00pm MT

Session #5 ::  Released 16 May

Mapping Your Desires

Session #6 ::  Released 19 May

Break Down To Break Through

* LIVE Coaching Call #3 :: Monday, 21 May, 7:00pm MT

Session #7 ::  Released 23 May

Your Core Desired Feelings

Session #8 ::  Released 24 May

A Sacred Contract

* LIVE Coaching Call #4 :: Monday, 24 May, 7:00pm MT

BONUS Session #9 ::  Released 25 May

Practical Application of Your CDFs. (This is what I do in Level 2 with my private 1:1 clients, but we get you started!)

Always available to you:  Lifetime access to all course materials, including coaching session replay videos, and our private Facebook group.

A love note about your investment


The very act of purchasing the ALIGN program sets in motion your soul’s mission. The Desire Map is a revolutionary framework for your life and Angel Number 2 is the Master Builder. Once you discover your unique Core Desired Feelings you become the master builder, master creator, master manifestor of your wildest dreams. 

Repeated 2's help you stand strong in your personal truths. What better way to ignite your Core Desired Feelings?

You are so loved and supported. I look forward to working with you.

Stay wild,