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Through the oak leaves

Jude Lally

Jude Lally is an artist and writer whose role and work focuses on reclaiming the ancient stories of wise women ways and of women’s mysteries. She offers creative ways to approach our ancestors and offers opportunities for women to share their inspiration and visions fostering ways to root such wisdom into our lives and communities for the good of each other, all webs of life and the planet herself.

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About this Course

A this 'mini' course introduces the  Ancestral Mothers of Scotland:The Goddess Brighid, the Goddess Clutha, the Cailleach and the Deer Goddess.


With Clutha we visit the sacred waters of the Loch Lomond and River Clyde area - with guided meditation and a recorded conversation around Clutha as well as visiting a sacred well.

Goddess Brighid

With Brighid we explore the attributes of her and her three sisters who make up this triple Goddess. I introduce the concept of Brighid as related to bear through guided meditation and an essay - there is also a link to a documentary on Brighid. 

The Cailleach 

We explore the idea of more than one Cailleach and take a pilgrimage to one of her sacred sites, plus a link to a Cailleach Film. 

The Deer Goddess

With the Deer Goddess we look at the story of Elen of the Ways and a shadowy old antlered figure. There are links to an essay as well as book suggestions and an invitation to join a rather special Sisterhood. 

This mini-course also offers a special 'Goddess Art Project' as well as a special invitation to walk the lands of the ANcestral Mothers and a discount to take the Ancestral Mothers of Scotland retreat in may 2018.