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Through the oak leaves

Jude Lally

Jude Lally is an artist and writer whose role and work focuses on reclaiming the ancient stories of wise women ways and of women’s mysteries. She offers creative ways to approach our ancestors and offers opportunities for women to share their inspiration and visions fostering ways to root such wisdom into our lives and communities for the good of each other, all webs of life and the planet herself.

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About this course

The Cailleach is an ancient pre-celtic figure, a divine hag, a creatrix. She is so old she has no known genealogy or traditions associated with her. This course sets out to explore who is the Cailleach through five sessions and offers a film, audio stories guided meditations and art to help you foster a relationship with her. 

The course covers: 

Session one. Her Great Age. An exploration into the meaning behind her name and examining the Cailleach in relation to other figures in global primal myth. 

Session two. Pilgrimage. We will explore three sacred sites in Ireland relating to the cailleach and four sites in Scotland. 

Session Three. Her Changing Story. We explore the Cailleach's relationship with the Goddess Brighid and the reasons behind why her story has changed over the ages - morphing into relatively recent stories which describe her as a cruel old hag .

Session Four. Down to the Roots. We explore the roots of a couple of examples of Cailleach lore tracing them back to Old Europe and examine what this means in terms of her core story as well as her origins. 

Session Five. Her role for our time.   We explore the role of the Bean Feasa, the wise woman and the role she has played over countless generations and in particular, times of personal crisis. In opening that up to the bigger picture today and a world in crisis – what then can the wise woman offer?

The course will also weave in guided meditations with prompts for journalling and considering specific themes as well as an invitation to share any art you create. We will create a small Altoid tin altar throughout the course. At each session you will have suggestions of specific items to gather (in relation to that week's theme). There will be a showing of a small film about the cailleach as well as audio storytelling and lots of opportunities for you to share your own insights, thoughts and inspirations.