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About this course

Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty. ~ Rumi

Welcome to the  Feast of the Sacred Waters Telesummit 2017!

I am honored and delighted to bring this sacred river of presentations, inspirations, and streams of consciousness to you. This telesummit begins on Yemaya's Day, September 7. She is Orisha Goddess who is the Mother of Fish,the  Mother of Oceans. Through her, we receive the sanctuary of the salty waters, the womb of life, and an unending font of spiritual sustenance. 

The second day of our Feast of Sacred Waters is Oshun Day, September 8. The owner of Sweet Waters, Oshun is the Orisha Goddess that brings the passion and sweetness of blessings for lives well-lived. She embodies and reflects the cycle of life from birth to death to birth again. These two Goddesses are potent Goddesses for my own spiritual practice and as pillars of MotherHouse of the Goddess. 

We enter the Feast of Sacred Waters through their gates and celebrate a myriad of Goddesses of Sacred Waters and practices that place us in the elemental flow of the force of Water. 

You will receive an email reminder each day for the new content. Over the five days of the telesummit, interviews and presentations will be offered for you to listen, explore, and experience your own relationship with the element of Water and the Divine Feminine representations that are the waters of life. The content remains available until next September, so you may listen and read at your own pace.

BONUS WELCOME CONTENT (received on sign up):

  • Sacred Waters Resources
  • How to Create a Sacred Water Altar by Kathryn Ravenwood
  • Making Sacred Nile Water Ritual by M. Isidora Forrest
  • The Water Blessing Song by Nalini Blossom

I am so grateful to the Priestesses and Practitioners who have brought their insight and devotion to this event. And I am delighted and blessed to welcome all participants seeking this connection! Blessings and Welcome to the Feast of the Sacred Waters!

xo Kimberly

Facilitator - Kimberly Moore - Founder and Priestess for MotherHouse of the Goddess and Mystery School of the Goddess

Presenters and Topics:

Kimberly Moore - The Orisha Goddesses Yemaya and Oshun 

Brandi Auset - Rivers of the Underworld -

Lilith Dorsey - Oshun: The Sacred Rivers of Love - and Voodoo Universe blog

Charlotte Elea - Filling Our Cups: The Alchemy of Water in the Tarot -

April Heaslip - Yemaya in Brazilian Traditions -

Anne Key and Veronica Iglesias - Chalchiuhtlicue:  Guardian of the Waters - and

Jude Lally - The Dance of the Goddess Clutha and the Sacred Waters of Loch Lomond, Scotland -

Mary Lomando - The Egyptian Goddess Nephthys -

Kimi Marin - Go with the Flow with the Goddess Saraswati -

Yeshe Matthews - Isis of the Inundation, Rain, & Drought -

Kathryn Ravenwood - How to Create Sacred Water -

Molly Remer - The Everyday Magic of Living Waters -

Layla Saad - Mother Water: She Who Cleanses Our Fears & Purifies Our Truths -

Katherine Skaggs - Yemaya: HerStory and The Mythical Goddess Tarot -

Renee Starr - Sea Witch -

Karen Tate - Navigating the Sacred Waters -

Maura Torkildson - What does the Nymph Cyane have to Teach Us About the Sacred Waters of Grief and Emotion? -

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