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Katherine Skaggs

Katherine Skaggs is an intuitive, visionary artist, shamanic practitioner, story teller, teacher, writer and painter of souls. Katherine is a world adventurer, journeying to ancient sites of the Goddess and the sacred lands of shamans to enjoy and go more deeply into the wisdom teachings multi-culturally… always enthusiastic to share the teachings. Katherine acts as intuitive channel and artist to open a portal to access the energies of the Divine through her art. Each painting is a holographic door way that allows the viewer to engage the energies and wisdom frequencies of the Divine Mother or essence represented through each painting. She offers intuitive tarot readings, soul portraits and shamanic healings in person and long distance. See more info at

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About this course

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is the marriage of the traditional tarot symbology with the divine wisdom of the Goddess. The inspired wisdom child of author Sage Holloway, with the channeled art of Katherine Skaggs, this evolutionary tarot deck activates the healing of the feminine at the deepest subconscious and superconscious levels, offering healing not only to your mind, but to your very DNA, heart and soul. Through this guidance wake up to your true, empowered nature as a creator being, free to create with power and grace.

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is not required for this course as images are provided throughout, but you may get your deck here if you are drawn!

Each Image and Archetype is a Door

My own personal experience was to create each image as a doorway or portal. This mystical, shamanic priestess, artisan process assists one in accessing these sacred, soul symbols, as well as act as an activating force to awaken.  

Welcome to a journey of Self discovery through the tarot and the divine feminine wisdom of the Goddess! 


  • Star Goddess Altar Image for Meditation
  • Divination and Symbol of the Mythical Goddess Tarot with Images - May be used with or without the physical deck
  • Activating and Awakening Intuition
  • Daily Divination and Spreads
  • Altar Work and Praying with the Great Goddesses
  • Overview of the Major and Minor Arcana

Hi! I am Katherine Skaggs, the visionary artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, as well as the Head Goddess of Publishing for this deck via Star Chalice Publishing. I am excited to share with you some of the wisdom of the Mythical Goddess Tarot so you can get to know it a little better. It is an outstanding channeled tarot deck that is absolutely amazing for awakening your intuition and getting guidance on every part of your life. Get a read on your life and if you like, read for others. Whether you are an old tarot pro, or a new beginner the Mythical Goddess Tarot is an amazing divination tool for seeing more clearly. 

Author Sage Holloway began imagining this deck when she was but a teen in the 1960 era. She knew then that the Divine Feminine needed to emerge through the map of the tarot, so it could assist us in restoring our precious, inner feminine, and relationship to the Divine Mother wisdom. 

In 1991 Sage and I met and began the conversation about creating the tarot. She saw some of my art and knew I was the artist... well before I had a clue what I was going to contribute. Many years passed, many adventures and even time where we lost touch. Yet, after not seeing each other for probably 5 or more years, we ran into each other at a gathering of sister friends, and first thing Sage said after we hugged was, "We have to do that deck!!" 

Well, it took three more years and me going to Rome in 2006 to see it through the eyes of the Goddess with crone, mystic artist women Lydia Ruyle and Meinrad Craighead for me to get the message. I called Sage as soon as I returned and told her it was time to make this thing happen. That was summer 2006. By fall 2008 I channeled/painted 78 paintings and designed the deck and its book, with Sage guiding me and writing 128 page book. (Now amended to 138 pages in second edition.)

The  Mythical Goddess Tarot is a beautiful emanation of the Divine Feminine... the Mother Goddess wisdom, compassion, unconditional love, and fierceness to protect and clean away that which is not true and that which is not love.