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Soul School with Lauri Ann Lumby

Soul School Asks You: • What are the dreams and passions that inspire you? • What give you a sense of meaning and purpose? • What leaves you feeling content and deeply fulfilled? • What sets your heart aflame and fills you with joy? • What is your unique gift to the world? • What is standing in the say of you living the meaningful, fulfilling, joyful, inspired life of your dreams? Soul School helps you answer these questions then supports you in overcoming the fears, unhealed, sounds, vulnerabilities, past traumas, and conditioning that are keeping you from living a meaningful, joyful, fulfilling, and inspired life! Lauri Ann Lumby has been an adult educator since 1994, providing guidance and support to hundreds in the unfolding of their Soul’s calling. Learn more at

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About this course

Rite of the Sepulchre

The Rite of the Sepulchre, facilitated by Lauri Ann Lumby, Modern Magdalene Priestess, is part ceremony and part guided meditation.  The purpose of this rite is to support you during the dying times – those times in your life where you are facing the death/letting go of what has been in preparation for what has not yet come into form. 

The Rite of the Sepulchre supports you in letting go of that which is passing out of your life  - those things which are no longer life-giving, as well as those things that seem to be falling from your grasp.  The Rite of the Sepulchre provides the space in which you are able to grieve the loss, review the lessons learned from what is passing out of your life, and offer gratitude for the gifts that came out of this experience in your life.  The Rite of the Sepulchre also provides a space in which you may find healing and support from your spiritual teachers, guides, etc. and in which you can be made ready to accept the new life that is waiting on the other side of this “death.”

For this ritual, you will need incense or sage for smudging, a journal for recording your experience, and an oil for anointing.

Plan for 45-60 minutes to complete the rite.

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