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Kimberly Moore

Kimberly F. Moore is a Creative Catalyst and Mentor for Women; Shakti-Powered Entrepreneur; Blissful Revolutionary; Hungry Goddess; Writer; and Photographer. Creativity, Passion, and High Energy are her Super Powers and building empires of radical bliss is her life focus. Her personal site is She is also the Founder of the MotherHouse and Mystery School of the Goddess, as well as the Seeking Bliss Online Course Platform. She has been a Goddess Priestess for more than 20 years. Her areas of research, practice, and teaching are focused on Goddess Spirituality, Ritual Practice, Sacred HerStory, Comparative Mythology, and Archetypal Psychology. She has a special connection to Goddesses from the Greek, Hindu, and Yoruban traditions, but has worked with many other Goddesses through the years. She is an Aborisha in Lukumi and a Daughter of Oshun.

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About this Course

Course begins 6/4/17 - Welcome Material and Sacred Resource Library are immediately accessible!

Priestess Within Circle - Rituals of Fire and Light invites the exploration and  expression of our inner fires, our passions, and our creative energies.  We will focus on the element of Fire, the Goddesses that represent fire as Creation, Preservation, and Destruction, and rituals and practices that connect us to the energies of fire and light. Through guided practice, ritual, magic, and ceremony, we prepare for activation of the Goddesses Vesta, Kali, and Pele, as well as expanding our own relationships to the element of Fire. 

Rituals of Fire and Light Summer Session is the first session in the Priestess Within Circle & Elemental Priestess Training. See below for more program info.

Are you ready to light your inner fires? To accept the invitation from Goddess to commit to your personal evolution? Are you going to say YES to yourself and new beginnings? I hope you can join us! 

I am delighted to bring over twenty years of experience as a Goddess Priestess and Community Leader to Priestess Within Training Circle. I am excited to work with you and Goddess to create magic! Blessings! Please email me with any questions:


FIVE LIVE CALLS (that are recorded and archived)

  •  Opening of the Temple and the Element of Fire - 6/4/17
  • New Moon June 
  • New Moon July
  • New Moon August
  • Closing of the Temple - How to Keep the Fires Lit


  • Extensive information on the Element of Fire and correspondences
  • Priestess Practices to work with elemental activation & a Guided Meditation
  • Suggested activities to expand your knowledge of the element and how to work with it


  • June is the Goddess Vesta
  • July is the Goddess Kali
  • August is the Goddess Pele
  • Sacred Myth for each Goddess and modern day connection 
  • Correspondences for each Goddess
  • Ritual Practices for each Goddess and ways to connect
  • New Moon group discussion and guided meditation for each Goddess


  • Weekly Mystical Journeywork 
  • Reminders for important astrological influences, Full Moon and New Moon
  • Prompts to explore different aspects of the Priestess path
  • Energy work and hands-on metaphysical practices
  • Online discussion of Practical Priestessing
  • Seasonal ritual practices for Summer Solstice
  • Prompts for special Goddess Calendar Days

SACRED RESOURCE LIBRARY - Received on Registraton

  • Lunar Resources, including New Moon and Full Moon resources
  • Creating Sacred Space 
  • Divine Daily
  •  Journal Practice
  • Chakra Overview
  • Sacred Smoke and Smudge
  • Malas and Mantras for Spiritual Practice

BONUS - Received on Registration

  • Writing the Goddess Online Course just for Priestess Within participants
  • Early Bird Pricing by 5/20/2017


  • Private Facebook Group for all participants
  • Online forum discussions
  • Opportunities to share experiences and ask questions on all calls, plus a live chatroom during calls

Personal Priestess Mentoring Available (for additional investment) 

  • Deep discount for Personal Mentoring - $108 per session for two hours - May be done at anytime during the session
  • Personal Priestess Mentoring: 1 Intro Call (60 minutes)that includes a Goddess reading and 2 one to one Clarity Sessions (30 min each) with Kimberly via phone to include recordings of each session (international numbers available), plus email and Facebook contact as needed
  • Customized private course where all of your information is uploaded and accessible
  • Goddess reading to identify Goddesses supporting you in this season
  • Suggested daily ceremony, ways to connect, and correspondences (colors, crystals, offerings, etc.) for your Goddesses
  • Mentoring Calls must be scheduled and completed within three months of registration date (if you have opted for mentoring)

There is no pre-requisite or required experience for this program. It is for those who are newly discovering their spirituality, as well as those who have been on a path for many years.

Payment Plans are AVAILABLE - please contact me directly to inquire -

Priestess Within Circle is a Five Session Elemental Priestess Training Circle with an optional Personal Priestess Mentoring component.

I am delighted to unfold a path to Priestess initiation and certification, full of Goddess, the Elements, ritual and ceremonial focus, and hands-on-practices. There will be plenty of opportunity to connect with live calls for the Opening and Closing of the Temple and monthly New Moon discussions and meditations. 

There will be five Elemental Priestess Within sessions total and upon completion, participants will have an opportunity to complete an Elemental Priestess initiation and receive a certificate of completion. Summer and the Element of Fire is the first Elemental session. Each Session will be available separately and must be purchased separately,

  • Fall opens 9/1/17 - WATER - Rituals of Remembrance with a focus on the element of Water, Akashic (past life work), and working with the Ancestors.
  • Winter opens 12/1/17 - EARTH - Rituals of Silence and Knowing with a focus on the element of Earth, Inner Earth Practice and Journey Work.
  • Spring opens 3/1/18 - AIR - Rituals of Renewal with a focus on the element of Air and ritual work on purification and renewal.
  • Summer opens 6/1/18 - SPIRIT - Priestess Practice, Initiation, and Personal Goddess work.

 **Please note - this course fee is not refundable.