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Charlotte Eléa

Charlotte Eléa is an Intuitive Counselor and Self-Discovery Coach. She guide’s her clients toward developing their intuitive strengths and listening to their inner wisdom, and is passionate about facilitating inquiries, connections and discoveries that alchemize growth, healing and transformation. She offers sacred group circles and individual intuitive sessions, working from a foundation in psychology, alchemy, counseling principles, Jungian archetypes and earth-based spirituality. She has been reading Tarot, working with symbols and analyzing dreams for over sixteen years. She can be found at

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About this course


Discover the power of your inner wisdom--your intuition is already speaking to you. Learn to hear its voice through the Tarot.

The Tarot tells a universal story of humanity throughout time and space. The lessons of the cards tap into the deep  energetic forces within us. They tell of what it takes and what we will encounter when we begin a journey of our souls, of the many challenges that may trip us up along the way, of the potential to learn more about ourselves than we ever thought possible, and of how we can find and live out our higher purpose and unique place in this world.

But what’s most special about Tarot is what YOU bring to it. Drawing Tarot cards for yourself is a wonderful daily practice to gain focus, reflection intention and meaning over your life. In this course you’ll develop the intuitive skills to reach the cards’ PERSONAL messages for you. You'll form your own relationship with the Tarot that will guide you through a journey of personal growth, self-improvement, and spiritual connection. By following a few simple steps, you'll develop your own daily Tarot practice for deep self-reflection and discovery.


  • Strengthen your ability to connect to your intuition through the Tarot.
  • Learn how to set up a daily practice for drawing Tarot cards for intuitive insight.
  • Develop personal card meanings and a personal relationship with your Tarot deck.
  • Learn how to gain the most out of your readings.
  • Get tips on how to pick out your Tarot deck, and break it in.
  • Deepen your intuitive connection by combining guided meditation with Tarot.
  • Learn how to pose the most effective questions for drawing cards.
  • Gain seasoned tools for doing simple spreads.


  • THREE videos to help you get the most out of this course.
  • FOUR downloadable worksheets with intuitive prompts, writing exercises, keyword tracking and simple spreads.
  • TWO audio guided meditations to help you connect to your intuition.
  • REGULAR personal feedback from your course instructor on your progress.


"Charlotte Eléa has been my Tarot muse since January of 2017. Her playful approach to using the cards to learn to hear your own intuition has really taken my practice, my teaching and my creative work in a new direction. It’s fun AND it’s deep. Charlotte’s teachings, exercises and meditations in Daily Tarot all helped me to communicate with and TRUST my intuition, which has been instrumental in helping me stay focused and confident on my creative and professional path."

-- Andrea Klunder,

"With the help of this course, the practice of reading Tarot cards daily has become second nature to me. Daily Tarot offers an easy to follow step by step guide that allows you to progress at your own pace. It's allowed me to dig really deep and grow - in my understanding of the Tarot itself and in my ability to decipher it's true messages using my own intuition instead of a guide book. Plus, there is an opportunity for one on one interaction that Charlotte creates at the end of each section. The personal feedback and advice Charlotte has given me has been so helpful. Daily Tarot is a course I'd recommend to anyone that's curious about the Tarot and also enjoys the space and freedom of self study. And thanks for being a great mentor, Charlotte."

-- Amy Helmstetler