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About this Course

"Our inner wisdom is always available if we choose to listen, and increasing numbers of people are beginning to hear. Wisdom is Minerva's insight, and it is part of the feminine side of our duality which is returning to our conscious." ~ Mary Petiet, Minerva's Owls

Welcome to the Wisdom Journal for Minerva‚Äôs Owls! 

This is a free mini course that releases prompts over five days.

The goddess Minerva embodies wisdom in the Roman Pantheon and owls, called the handmaids of Minerva, are symbolic of her link to wisdom. The elements we associate with civilization and the divine feminine fall under Minerva's bailiwick: the arts, inspiration, legal justice, music, poetry, crafts, weaving, the power to heal, and magic. Minerva finds her own duality as another of her aspects is patroness of just warfare. She is a battle strategist. 

In this free mini course, I am sharing a few of "Minerva's Owls" to inspire your personal journey to seek wisdom. The writing prompts are meant to help you channel your own inner mysticism and wisdom. You will need at least 20 minutes a day, a nice journal, and a comfortable pen. I find I work best in isolation, but you are welcome to include friends, or even form a group if that is what calls. There are no hard rules. Just give it time and space and honesty. And see where it leads you.

The Wisdom Journal may be used as a companion to the book, Minerva's Owls, or as a source for mindful living, journal writing, and personal meditation. 

Thank you for joining my journey!

~ Mary Petiet

"Our deepest wisdom lies within, we have everything we need within." ~ Mary Petiet, Minerva's Owls

As you read Minerva's Owls you will find my journey was largely to a place deep within, a place I found accessible through the quiet of yoga and meditation. That quiet space exists within each of us and you can find it the same way I did, or through your own quieting practices. Once you access the space which allows insight and spiritual growth, writing it down is crucial to understanding and sharing it.

In the book Minerva's Owls I have called in three eternal archetypes as Minerva's owls to lead us in the search for wisdom. They are the great mother, the solar deity, and the sacrificial god. These three represent the stages we have gone through as species to find wisdom. 

I hope that through reading about the individual quest for inner wisdom described in Minerva's Owls through yoga, history, art, philosophy, time and space, you can find your own inner shores following the journal prompts in the next pages and use them as a guide for your own journey. 

Your guide through the Wisdom Journal for Minerva's Owls is author Mary Petiet.

Mary is a reporter, writer and story teller. She is the author of Minerva's Owls and a graduate of the University of St Andrews, where she earned an MA (HONS) Mediaeval History and a Graduate Diploma, Art History.

Mary has covered the local farm beat for Edible Cape Cod magazine for many years recording the growing farm to table movement, and worked as a local newspaper reporter, covering local school politics and featuring human interest stories. She is a contributing author to the anthologies Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess, by the Girl God Series (June 2016), She Rises, Vol. 2, by Mago Books (June 2016),  and Wildness: Voices of the Sacred Landscape, by Homebound Publications (June 2016). 

She is a regular columnist of MotherHouse of the Goddess and has published a selection of essays and articles in a variety of journals and magazines, including Feminism and Religion, The Wayfarer, and The Daily Wisdom. Mary is the host of the radio podcast Kitchen Table Mystic, connecting inspired women.

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