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Renée Starr

Renée Starr is a multi-award winning author, 9 Moons Lunar Priestess, wild witch, Goddess devotee, and seeker of ancient wisdom for the modern woman. She offers her book, 'You Are Woman, You Are Divine" as a guide for the modern woman's journey back to The Goddess, along with her many classes, and workshops. Renée's Website:

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About this course

"Creativity is a tender and tenacious vine, climbing always upwards and looking for the light, always seeking to grow. Creativity is persistent with only one prime directive—to become, and it is called forth by the most powerful, primal, Feminine force."  - from my award winning book; You Are Woman, You Are Divine

The moon, and its essence  continually guides us in and out of our creative flow as the different phases wax and wane across the night sky. When we align our creativity - and our lives with the lunar cycles, we will find that a very specific flow is revealed, and if we ride along with it, we can not only accomplish much more - but we can accomplish more with a grace and ease that is unlike any other.

Creativity is not just about making art, song, music and is an essence, and it has a flow that is just like the lunar cycle and once you are aligned with the moon, and the creative essence,  this combination can be used for manifestation, abundance, fulfillment - which are each as creative an effort as art, song, music and dance. 

As a writer, I have found that all of my efforts were made much more potent, more effortless, more enjoyable and much more successful by aligning my creativity with the phases of the moon; writing during the waxing, expanding phases and putting my pen down during the waning phases of stillness and reflection. This alignment can eliminate creative blocks and procrastination as both of these perceived problems are simply the result of being misaligned with the moon and her rhythm. 

Through the powerful practice of  spiritual writing, journaling your dreams, your wishes, your daydreams, and your moods, you will make your way through the four most creatively powerful phases; dark, new, half, and full that will lead you from the void of the unknown, into the place of beginnings, towards the spaciousness of choices and re-visioning and experiencing freedom of expansion, release and completion in such a way that it deepens your ability to flow, to manifest, to vision and to create...anything. 

As a woman, creativity is your most primal, most intrinsic nature. You are the embodiment of the essence of creativity and the feminine urge to create is simply inherent within you, its roots grow deep down inside you.  It makes sense that you would want to align your own, inherent creative nature with one of the most most potent creative forces there is: the lunar cycle.  

You'll explore working creatively with the moon as goddess, mother, teacher, muse and guide and learn to follow and align with her cycles of expansion and contraction, darkness and light and beginnings and endings as you journal your dreams, wishes, hopes and desires to create, manifest and accomplish anything.


  • The Moon as Goddess, Mother, Teacher, Muse and Guide
  • The Dark Moon: the void & the unknown
  • Your Birth Moon Phase
  • The New Moon; beginnings & fresh starts
  • Your Birth Moon Sign
  • The Half Moon; choices & re-visioning
  • The Elemental Moon
  • The Full Moon; release and completion
  • Astrology of The Moon
  • Monthly Moon Journal Prompts & Rituals
  • Bonus Lesson: Dark Moon Prayers, Activations & Initiations 


  • No previous writing or creativity experience required; this course is for both the experienced writer and those new to writing. 
  • If you are not at all interested in writing, but are interested in deepening your relationship with creativity, the moon and the natural cycles of manifestation and abundance, please note that you can doodle, draw, collage, dance, sing or whatever it is that you might like to do in place of writing - including doing nothing but reading about the cycles and how to work with them. At its core, this course is about creativity, and the journaling aspect is just one way of expressing, activating and aligning yourself with the lunar, creative cycle. 


  • You will receive four beautifully designed monthly lessons, along with additional course material, and moon journal prompts and rituals delivered throughout the course.  
  • This course is entirely self-study, designed to be enjoyed at your own pace, and there is no rush to complete the lessons by a certain date, nor are there any deadlines to meet. You may choose to work with and in one moon phase for several months, or you may choose to move through the course as each lesson is made available - the choice is entirely yours. 


  • Bonus Lesson at the end of the course: Dark Moon Prayers, Activations & Initiations 


I am so excited that you will be joining me for this very special offering...and I know that it's very goddessy to change your mind, but please note that your purchase of tuition is non-refundable.