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Charlotte Eléa

Charlotte Eléa is an Intuitive Counselor and Self-Discovery Coach. She guide’s her clients toward developing their intuitive strengths and listening to their inner wisdom, and is passionate about facilitating inquiries, connections and discoveries that alchemize growth, healing and transformation. She offers sacred group circles and individual intuitive sessions, working from a foundation in psychology, alchemy, counseling principles, Jungian archetypes and earth-based spirituality. She has been reading Tarot, working with symbols and analyzing dreams for over sixteen years. She can be found at

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About this Course

Bringing together the magic of three mini-courses, this journey with Tarot will activate three stages of transformation within your soul: Shadow Work, Healing, and Release. Each stage of the journey includes complete rituals with the Tarot. Archetypal Guides from the Major Arcana will walk you through the steps of the process, guided meditations will open you to the wisdom that lies within, and Tarot prompts will create rich, personal activations. Over the course of twelve days, you will complete a cycle: bringing forth from the shadow realm what calls for integration, activating self-love and forgiveness in order to heal, releasing what no longer serves you to initiate change. Extras include journal prompts, Tarot spreads, and aligned actions—there are so many jewels to discover within these three courses. But nothing compared to the jewels you will find within your soul along the way.


  • Lessons, direct messages and affirmations from 6 Archetypal Guides of the Tarot
  • 5 Intention setting rituals to direct your soul towards shadow work, healing and releasing.
  • 5 Powerful recorded guided meditations
  • Many prompts for drawing Tarot cards to activate shadow discovery and integration; healing, self-love and forgivness; and acceptance of change and release.
  • Intuitive Writing Exercises to gain personal meaning, connection and reflection on Tarot activations and discoveries.
  • Closing rituals to bring forth your activations into the physical realm.
  • Tarot spreads and journal prompts for further insight into activations and discoveries.
  • Conscious aligned actions to follow through on your activations and transformation.