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MotherHouse of the Goddess is a Gathering Place for Goddess Spirituality and seekers of the Divine Feminine. We share information, provide online courses, and promote and organize events online and offline for women. Our Instructors are varied and all expert practitioners in their respective fields!

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About this course

"The spirit is really the bouquet of life. It is not something breathed into life, it comes out of life. This is one of the glorious things about the mother-goddess religions, where the world is the body of the Goddess, divine in itself, and divinity isn't something ruling over and above a fallen nature.... Our story of the fall in the Garden sees nature as corrupt; and that myth corrupts the whole world for us. Because nature is thought of as corrupt, every spontaneous act is sinful and must not be yielded to. You get a totally different civilization and a totally different way of living according to whether your myth presents nature as fallen or whether nature is in itself a manifestation of divinity, and the spirit is the revelation of the divinity that is inherent in nature." ~ Joseph Campbell

Consider Goddess Spirituality a sacred container for your awakening to the Divine Feminine; a journey to reconnecting and re-membering the soul seeds of Goddess deep within you. 

Seeking the Goddess is a collection of Divine Feminine Wisdom from Priestesses and Goddess Women for those who are seeking a new and/or deeper connection and understanding of Goddess. Through these inspirational reflections and offerings, we receive a wellspring of wisdom that speaks to our hearts and activates the seeds of the divine feminine within.

The collection is free access and includes 5 sections:

  1. Welcome with Goddess playlist and resources.
  2. About Goddess and the Divine Feminine, including why women need the Goddess and how to find Goddess.
  3. Defining Goddess Spirituality and exploring women's ritual.
  4. Goddess Spirituality and practices.
  5. Next steps for following the Goddess path.

Compiled and Edited by Kimberly F. Moore

Contributing Writers

  • Laura Amazzone
  • Brandi Auset
  • Dr. Janine Canan
  • Carol P. Christ
  • Dr. Susan Harper
  • Dr. Anne Key
  • Jude Lally
  • Judith Laura
  • Julie Loar
  • Lauri Ann Lumby
  • Kimberly F. Moore
  • Susan Morgaine
  • Mary Petiet
  • Molly Remer
  • Renee Starr

This is a free course courtesy of our contributors and MotherHouse of the Goddess.