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Kimberly Moore (Director)

Kimberly Moore is a Priestess and Daughter of Goddess; a Creative Catalyst and Mentor for Women; and a Shakti-Powered Entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Priestess of MotherHouse of the Goddess and the Founder and Director of Mystery School of the Goddess. As a Priestess and Spiritual Teacher, her areas of research, practice, and teaching are focused on Goddess Spirituality, Priestess Training, Comparative Mythology, Archetypal Psychology, and Ritual Practice. She is also an Aborisha in the Lukumi tradition and a Daughter of Oshun. Kimberly lives in Delaware with her son, kitties, and more than 200 images of deity. Her days are filled with mantra, writing, teaching, consulting, and lots of Goddesses.

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~ Kimberly Moore, Founder, Priestess, and Director of MotherHouse of the Goddess and Mystery School of the Goddess

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