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Marisa McCall

Marisa is a full-time Planner Babe and Goddess Woman. In between playing with stickers and creating beautiful ways to organize her life and the lives around her, she also holds the titles of Wife, Mother, Sister, SuperPlanny, Co-Conspirator, Word Witch, Scribe to the Goddess, Ritual Priestess, and Managing Creative Editor at MotherHouse of the Goddess.

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About this course

Take a deep breath. You’re standing in an open field. There is a slight breeze and it cools your cheeks as you stare up at the red fabric tent in front of you. 

A voice from within the shimmering walls calls out to you, and there’s a moment of hesitation before you reach one hand forward. The slide of red silk shimmers across your skin as your fingers connect with an opening in the tent wall. 

This is a place of peace, of learning, and of understanding. 

Gently, you push aside the curtain door, and you peer inside. The tent seems dim for a moment as your eyes adjust, but you hear the sounds of voices, laughter, and music. There’s a joy here, jubilation only a few steps away…

Taking one step at a time, you find yourself surrounded by a group of women, of all ages, shapes, and sizes. You are hugged, and a glass of juice is pressed into your hand. The buzz of excitement fills the tent, and you are caught up in that hum. 

See the tapestry of love around you. You are both cloth and weaver.

The experiences and lessons you have had are the colored threads on your loom. You feel the power in them. They have brought you to this place, this moment in time, this point of connection with other weavers with stories of their own. 

A tapestry is made of threads, floss, string, and heart. 
You are made of energy, bones, and blood.

You contain the threads of life within you. Your life. Your sacred, precious existence. Now is the time to begin weaving them together with purpose and intention. 

You ask the question burning in your mind: What does this mean? To be a Weaving Woman?

To be a Weaving Woman simply means you are harnessing your power and potential - your threads, your stories, your creative soul, and twisting them into form. 

You are Weaving the Divine into the fabric of your life. 

Welcome, Weaver ❤️

What you will find inside:

  • Two Full Months of access for the Summer Season (July and August 2022)

  • Early access and discount for the Autumn Season (September - November 2022)

  • Live call every month for gathering with your fellow Weaving Women

  • A community of open-hearted, beautiful women who are gathering to share their stories and deepen their understanding of themselves 

Summer in the Weaving Women Red Tent is the Season of the Mother. We will explore different aspects of the Mother Archetype through discussion, Goddess lore, and understanding our own connections to the Mother. 

This season in the Red Tent includes:

  • Archetypal information for The Mother 

  • Healing the Mother Wound

  • BONUS - 'The Cosmic Mother" Guided Meditation

  • Full Moon Celebration 

  • Dark Moon Banish & Bless Practice

  • New Moon journaling prompts to help prepare you to set your intentions

  • Guided meditations for each of our Mother Archetypes (July: “The Creatrix Mother”; August: “The Warrior Mother”)

  • Live calls to share our stories and deepen our connections with one another

  • Goddess Myth and Practices for each of our Reigning Goddesses for that month (July: Pele; August: Athena)

  • Monthly Creative Projects for expressing your art in new ways!

  • An active online community that you help to co-create through discussions, sharing our stories, and weaving together experiences. 

  • Early access and discounts for following seasons, and on upcoming classes. 

Peeking into the future

  • Autumn: Season of the Queen

  • Winter: Season of the Crone

  • Spring: Season of the Maiden

  • COMING SOON! Unlocking the Mysteries: Keys to your Moon Blood

  • COMING SOON! Sacred Journey to the Self

  • COMING SOON! Sacred Partnerships - Magickal Relationship Building

Due to the nature of online communities and content, there are no refunds once your purchase is completed. If you have difficulties accessing content, please email Marisa at