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Marisa McCall

Marisa is a full-time Planner Babe and Goddess Woman. In between playing with stickers and creating beautiful ways to organize her life and the lives around her, she also holds the titles of Wife, Mother, Sister, SuperPlanny, Co-Conspirator, Word Witch, Scribe to the Goddess, Ritual Priestess, and Managing Creative Editor at MotherHouse of the Goddess.

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About this course

“… a writer is very like a witch. With her cat, making magic with words. 
And maybe changing the world, just a little.”
~Theodora Goss

A bullet journal (or bujo for short) is a calendar, planner, and journal all rolled into one. It becomes whatever you make of it, allowing you to keep track of your past events, help you organize the current events and activities, and to make plans for the future. It gives you a number of ways to create your journal and offers an easy way to make all of your ideas and plans work in harmony. All you need to begin with is a blank journal or notebook and a pen. 

When you add in the Magickal element of astrological events, spells, power words, sacred space, etc. it becomes so much more. It can be your daily journal, your grimoire, your witch's book of shadows, or even your dream diary - your imagination is the only limit!

This on-demand course is designed to take you from the very beginning through setting up your very own Witchy BuJo. With plenty of resource links, fun additives (washi tape is magic all of its own!), and several video walkthroughs and tutorials, you should have everything you need to get started. 

Whether you're brand new to BuJo or you're just looking for a dash of sparkle and magick to add to your existing one, BuJo for Witches will set you on the path of creativity.

In this class, we'll cover:

  • Introduction to Bullet Journaling
    • What is a Bullet Journal?
    • Benefits of Using a Bullet Journal
    • Why Paper?
    • Who is it good for?
  • What You Need to Start Your Witchy BuJo
    • The Basics - Bullets and Broomsticks
    • If the BuJo Fits... Finding the Right Journal
    • Adding in the Magick - Additional Supplies for Fun!
  • Setting Up Your BuJo
    • The Index - Your Guide to What's Inside
    • Collections and Lists - Keeping it all together
    • Pages - Your Personal Grimoire
    • Blessing Your BuJo
    • Setting up Monthly Spreads
    • Setting up Weekly Spreads
    • Setting up Daily Spreads
  • Rapid Logging
    • Migrating Content
  • Magickal Journaling
    • Daily Devotional Practices in your BuJo
    • Potions, Portents, and other Prestidigitation
  • Tips and Tricks for Bullet Journaling
    • Ideas to Get Started
    • Bending Time to Your Will
    • Disturbed By Doodles
  • Collection Ideas for your Witchy BuJo
  • Keeping it Going
    • Other Resources
    • Fun Folks to Follow
    • BONUS! Pretty Printables!

And a lot more!