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MotherHouse of the Goddess is a Gathering Place for Goddess Spirituality and seekers of the Divine Feminine. We share information, provide online courses, and promote and organize events online and offline for women. Our Instructors are varied and all expert practitioners in their respective fields!

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About this Course

Goddesses for 2016 are:

January New Moon - Saraswati

February New Moon - Kameshwari

April New Moon - Kali

May New Moon - Lakshmi

June New Moon - Saraswati

July New Moon - Ganga

August New Moon - Annapurna

*Laura is on pilgrimage in Nepal for the Sept.30/Oct.1 new moon where she is leading a group of Goddess devotees to sacred Goddess sites in celebration of the annual Fall Durga Puja.  Please listen to any of the previous archived new moon rituals/teachings and join her to celebrate the annual Fall Durga Puja--Nine Nights of the Divine Mother from your home temple course here on Mystery School. Click here to register

End of October New Moon -Lakshmi

November New Moon - Akhilandeshwari

December New Moon - Parvati

You are invited to gather in the magickal energy of the New Moon with Priestess and Shakta Yogini Laura Amazzone for powerful, free live monthly Goddess rituals. Each month, Laura will be unveiling a new Goddess (or group of Goddesses) in a teaching and ritual on or near the New Moon. You may join live or access the archives for any of the rituals.

Included archives are: Kali, Matangi, 64 Yoginis, Durga, Fierce Tara, and more!

By joining this course event, you will receive immediate access to:

  • current and previous New Moon teachings and rituals
  • resources for each monthly Goddess
  • additional teaching information that may be provided
  • access to a private Goddess Moon Rituals Facebook group to connect with others
  • ongoing access to archives
  • email reminders about upcoming rituals (2 days before and 1 hour before) and alerts that new Goddess information has been posted
  • ability to join LIVE or to access archive

Laura Amazzone, M.A. is an author, teacher, intuitive healer, and priestess. She is the author of the award-winning book, “Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power.” Much of her work focuses on the history and ritual practices of the Shakta Tantric tradition; however, she also enjoys sharing her depth of knowledge on Goddesses from cultures around the world. Laura offers a diverse array of teachings, rituals, spiritual practices, pilgrimages and retreats that promote spiritual empowerment and divine embodiment. She lives in Venice, California and offers teachings and intuitive sessions both in person or via phone or skype.

Join us and savor the community of Goddess devotees that are gathering each New Moon!