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Michelle Rose Boxley

Michelle is a Priestess, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Moon Mother®, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Therapist and Artist. Michelle has been working as a spiritual teacher for over 10 years and is passionate about connecting people to the rhythms and cycles of the seasons and the moon. She combines her background in Tibetan Buddhism with her Celtic roots and Magdalene Priestess training to create classes, workshops and events that help people connect to the magic that’s within them and around them.

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About this course

Picture yourself barefoot, under a moonlit sky walking around Circe's garden on her enchanted Island. Breathe in the fragrance of her herb garden - scents of lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary flow through you. Allow your eyes to move to the exquisite colours of her poisonous plants - Hellebore, Hemlock, Aconite and Foxglove. A glimmer catches your eye and you turn to see night blooming and moon soaked flowers of Jasmine, Evening Primrose and Moon Flower. Leaves rustle behind you and you turn to see Circe's enchanted animals padding around the garden - wolves, lions, jaguars and bears all lit up by the light of the full moon.

This course is an invitation to journey to your own magical Island of solitude. A place where you can practice magick and divination and forge your own connection with Mother Earth. This course is an invitation to embrace your inner Enchantress and embody Circe's skills as a healer, priestess, and witch.

In this course we are going to be exploring:

  • The Goddess Circe herself and the archetype of the Enchantress
  • Poisonous plants - explore the folklore, magic and energies of poisonous plants (please note we are not going to be physically working with poisonous plants).
  • Plant magick - working with herbs; making your own tea and dried incense, drying flowers and dying fabric with natural dyes. 
  • Circe's apothecary - explore the magic of aromatherapy and how to make spell jars and spell candles
  • Getting started with your own grimoire; be guided through how to create your very own witch's grimoire
  • Lunar plants - explore night blooming plants and their folklore and how to create a moon garden
  • Choosing an animal familiar

You will receive:

  • A guided meditation to meet Circe and receive her guidance
  • A guided meditation to meet your animal familiar
  • Video tutorials on how to create your own plant Grimoire - this will include using plants to dye fabric to create a beautiful front cover and/or pages for your grimoire
  • Tutorials on dying fabric with plants
  • Tutorials on making your own tea, incense blends, witch jars and spell candles
  • Guided meditations to sit with the energies of certain herbs - you'll receive three guided meditations to work with Lavender, Garden Sage and Rosemary

This course is a self study course, once you sign up you'll have access to all the content and can study at your own pace.

I can't wait to welcome you in to Circe's Garden!