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Gwynne Warner-Donavon

Gwynne Warner-Donavon, creatress of 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui and a devotee of Kuan Yin, is a conduit between East and West, dancing between Heaven and Earth. She’s honored to be a contemporary daughter of the ancient Chinese wu women or shamankas—the healers, diviners, priestesses and geomancers. For over 30 years she’s been steeping in Asian mystical traditions, meditation practices and devotional ceremonies through the great kindness of Feng Shui and Taoist masters, temple aunties, and Buddhist nuns and monks. In her thirties, she took her Bodhisattva Vows with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Gwynne is an Advanced Certified Consultant and holds the Red Ribbon status, the highest accreditation available in the US, through the International Feng Shui Guild.

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About this course

“The space one creates by sending forth petitions and releasing one’s emotions may then become filled with the blessings conferred by the goddess.” 

{Constantina Rhodes}

On January 28th, we’ll have the last Full Moon in the Year of the Metal Rat which is also being called the “Day of Miracles” by western astrologers.

On this luminous evening, I’ll perform a very special Kuan Yin Blessing Ceremony which welcomes your prayer petitions to receive Her blessings of mercy, healing, wish-fulfillment, strength, protection and love.

This ceremony, synthesized from traditional Kuan Yin devotee and temple rites, will be performed on behalf of the participants and includes…

  • A very special altar filled with Kuan Yin figurines and the presentation of special offerings of fruits, flowers, water, tea, vegetarian dishes, lotus candles, sandalwood incense, music, bells and prostrations
  • Waving of a Buddhist flywhisk to clear obstacles
  • Ringing ritual bells to consecrate the participant’s petitions
  • Chanting Kuan Yin’s mantra, Om Namo Guan Shi Yin Pu’sa, 108 times over fresh cold water creating Great Compassion Water. A fresh willow branch will be dipped into this water in a vase to sprinkle blessings over the participant’s petitions.
  • Burning of joss paper prayer bundles outside beneath the Full Moon which activates auspicious energies for your special prayer requests to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. As the paper burns, it disappears transmuting your prayers and messages to Kuan Yin in the Celestial or Heavenly Realms and you then receive Her blessings.

This traditional ceremony invites Kuan Yin’s blessings to gently fall like soft and quiet new snow under the silver light of a Full Moon.


  • Your prayer petition being read aloud during the ceremony then burned in the joss paper ritual beneath the Full Moon

  • A Kuan Yin altar card sent to your home address along with a piece of Kuan Yin Taoist joss paper on which to write your prayer and burn (instructions enclosed)



  • A beautiful downloadable altar icon card of Kuan Yin to print, frame and place on your altar to gaze at Her incandescent beauty day and night.
  • Kuan Yin Correspondences including Her names, feast days, mantras, gemstones and crystals, sacred implements, symbols, malas, trees, flowers, places in nature, animals,   colors, incense, offerings and tea.
  • A Kuan Yin Playlist on Spotify. A collection of my beloved Kuan Yin mantras and songs in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan + Sanskrit.
  • A curated Kuan Yin gallery on Pinterest
  • All registrants will be added to my email list and receive my twice-monthly 10,000 Blessings Ezine—Feng Shui and Kuan Yin practices as well as inspirational poems, ceremonies, audios and eye candy!
  • Membership in the 10,000 Blessings Private Facebook Community, a sacred online temple for creating Fortunate Blessings and Loving Kindness through Feng Shui practices and devotions for the Goddess Kuan Yin.


I’ll need to receive your prayer petition no later than 3:00 PST on January 28th so I have time to prepare your offering

I’ll perform this ceremony on the evening of January 28th. Photos of the ceremony will be posted within 24 hours. Please remember that the energy of ceremony and prayer is timeless and boundless!


 “Dearest Gwynne! You are one of the most spectacularly generous, loving and inspirational people I know. Thank you, thank you, thank you for tonight's ceremony and for taking such good care of us all!”

{Carrie Ure, Portland}

“I especially treasure the Kuan Yin vigils as Gwynne shared her music, poetry, ritual and teachings. Her personal spiritual cultivation translates into sweet and profound blessings to all who participated!”

{Maxine Manning, Seattle}


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