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Laura Amazzone

Laura Amazzone, M.A. is an author, teacher, intuitive healer, and priestess. She is the author of the award-winning book, "Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power.” Much of her work focuses on the teachings and ritual practices of the Kaula and Shakta Tantric traditions; however, she also enjoys sharing her depth of knowledge on Goddesses from cultures around the world. Laura offers a diverse array of teachings, rituals, spiritual practices, intuitive healings, pilgrimages and retreats that promote spiritual empowerment and divine embodiment.

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About this course


You are invited to become Durga and ride Her tiger of power and strength in a ten-day ritual course celebrating the largest contemporary Goddess  Festival on the planet!

Celebrate the Annual Fall Durga Puja from your home temple or anywhere you are through a special online daily practice and teaching with author and Shakta Tantra priestess Laura Amazzone.

This course is open and you can begin your preparations for Durga Puja any time. This year Durga puja begins on Saturday, October 17 and ends on Monday, October 26,  Durga's victory day.   Please note this course will remain open throughout the festival and you can join at anytime.

 During the 10 modules of this course you will:

  • Participate in the largest contemporary Goddess festival on the planet today with an online international community of seekers and Goddess devotees
  • Understand how Durga’s 1500 year old myth and this annual 5000 year old festival is completely relevant to women and men today
  • Connect with Durga and Her various manifestations (Saraswati: Purification, Meditation, Learning; Lakshmi: Abundance, Contentment and Love) Kali: Transformation, Power & Release) through a daily sadhana (practice)
  • Deepen your powers of strength, courage, fierce compassion
  • Learn ways to center yourself and find your composure in the midst of any situation
  • Receive tools and practices to work with sorrow, grief, difficulty & fear
  • Learn step by step ritual techniques you can perform daily to help you work with and transform different emotional states
  • Experience guided visualizations and meditations every day
  • Learn Mantras and prayers to work with both positive and challenging energies.
  • Receive guidance from Laura Amazzone, initiated Shakta Priestess and Author of “Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power.”
  • Hear Laura’s personal pilgrimage stories of Her participation in over 5000 year old festival in both India and Nepal.
  • Experience the Goddess Durga and Her many aspects within yourself!


Every autumn on the first new moon that falls after the fall equinox, nine nights of Tantric worship of the Divine Mother begins. Navaratri or Durga Puja is a 5000 year old festival that gives participants an opportunity to come together in community and celebrate the ancient mysteries of life, death, and rebirth on the personal, social and cosmic levels

The nine night festival is divided into three sets of three days and nights dedicated to different faces of the Goddess that honor the cyclical nature of existence, acknowledge different stages of womanhood, promote empowerment and liberation both on a personal and cosmic level, and offer rituals of renewal and regeneration.

We will begin with a special ritual to invite the Goddess into a sacred vessel as is traditionally done in India and Nepal. We will set an intention for what we want to focus on as we move through the nine days experiencing different levels of release, empowerment and ways of connecting with the Goddess within ourself! On each of the nine days we will explore the significance of Durga’s 2000 year old myth and how each chapter gives direct insight into the nature of our afflicted minds and challenging life experiences.

Each set of three days is dedicated to a different face of the Goddess and the energies we need to work with. The first three days we work with the energies of Kali to let go of negative and limiting thoughts, habits and beliefs in order to be able to receive the blessings of Goddess and tap into our own Goddess powers. The second three days we work with Lakshmi and look at the theme of anger and how to approach upsetting situations from our hearts rather than our minds. During the last three days the final purifications begin and we turn to Saraswati, Goddess of Meditation, Healing and Creative Inspiration in helping us experience freedom from our fears and conditioning so that we may remember our inherently divine and empowered natures. The tenth day is known as Vijaya Dashami! The Goddess' victory day and we will celebrate our victories and the transformation that has taken place through our committment, dedication and openness to Goddess within and around us.

Each day I offer a special sadhanas (practice) that include meditations, mantra (chants), guided visualization, and prompts and questions for self-reflection expressed through writing or art.  

This is not a live course.  Laura will check the discussion board and interact with all practitioners daily through the course discussion boards. Your participation is encouraged but not required.   

On the final and tenth day, Vijaya Dashami (October 26), Laura will offer a Durga Puja via Zoom at 4 pm PT. It will not be recorded. If you cannot attend live, if you are participating in this course, offerings and prayers will be made on your behalf. 

Course will remain open and students will have access until December 1, 2020