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Mary Lomando

Mary Lomando is a professional Jungian astrologer and Egyptologist with an extensive background in psychology, mythology, and metaphysics. She has been a counseling astrologer for 25+ years. Mary has lived and worked in Egypt, where she completed her degree in Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. Her areas of expertise are the ancient Egyptian Mystery School teachings and the Goddess religions of the ancient Near East. In addition to teaching, writing and maintaining her world-wide astrological practice, Mary leads trips to Egypt. She is also Director of the Egyptian Blue Lotus Retreat Center in Luxor, and The Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation for the conservation and protection of the indigenous Blue Lotus. Mary believes that it is possible to access ancient wisdom using new vision for the betterment of humankind.

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About this course

THE MARS CODE uses the lens of astrology to decipher the dynamic, but often challenging, transits of the Warrior planet Mars.  

Throughout the second half of 2020,  Mars marches through the sign of Aries  forcefully impacting the collective consciousness, world events, and YOU!  

Learn how to transform the difficult Mars challenges into opportunities in your life during the upcoming months. Why do some individuals thrive in adversity, while others decline into depression?  Utilizing  her many years of astrological expertise, Mary will decode Mars in Aries as it passes through its difficult aspects and retrograde phases.  She will also explain how  the astrological timing of these movements affects you personally via audio downloads, textual information, plus a live personal consultation to discuss the Mars options in your natal chart. 

No previous astrological knowledge is required to take this course. Everything you need (including a copy of your birth chart) will be provided

If you are motivated towards having a more positive  view of your current reality, this class provides the perfect opportunity for finally understanding and using your Mars energy to create  positive changes your life.

Course Includes:

  • 4  Audio File Downloads
  • 4 PDF Class Summaries
  • 30 minute personal phone consultation with Mary;
  •  Copy of your natal chart
  •  20% discount on any future astrology reading with Mary

***Please note that there are no refunds on this course.

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