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Kimberly Moore

Kimberly Moore is a Priestess and Daughter of Goddess; a Creative Catalyst and Mentor for Women; and a Shakti-Powered Entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Priestess of MotherHouse of the Goddess and the Founder and Director of Mystery School of the Goddess. As a Priestess and Spiritual Teacher, her areas of research, practice, and teaching are focused on Goddess Spirituality, Priestess Training, Comparative Mythology, Archetypal Psychology, and Ritual Practice. She is also an Aborisha in the Lukumi tradition and a Daughter of Oshun. Kimberly lives in Delaware with her son, kitties, and more than 200 images of deity. Her days are filled with mantra, writing, teaching, consulting, and lots of Goddesses.

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About this course


July 2020 ~ 70 pages 

Digital Download ~ PDF Format 

Available to download immediately

Writing the Goddess is a tool for your awakening to the Divine Feminine; a spark for your  journey of reconnecting and re-membering the soul seeds of Goddess deep within you.

Whether you are new to Goddess Spirituality or simply welcoming a new Goddess into your sphere, Writing the Goddess Workbook is for those who would like to explore the Divine Feminine and themselves. Mindful questions, evocative prompts, and reflective journaling space assist you in creating an in-depth study of your Goddess.

Allow this blank workbook and journal to become a consecrated guide to a new relationship with Goddess, an addition to your Book of Shadows. Each prompt guides you to unveil aspects of your Goddess and invites you into a deeper knowing of your relationship with the Divine. Cosmic synchronicities are to be expected as the Goddess delights in making Her presence known in your life. As we write HerStory, we are writing our stories too; revealing soul symbols, emanations of Goddess, and calling us to transform ancient stories into modern practice.

Writing the Goddess was originally an online course and we are delighted to share it as a Goddess Wisdom Workbook. The prompts have been refreshed and the content has expanded from the online course. You can print this workbook as many times, and for as many Goddesses as you would like.

Writing the Goddess Workbook includes:

  • 22 Evocative prompts
  • 34 Blank, lined journal pages

Goddess Wisdom Resources:

  • Banish & Bless
  • Altars for Goddess
  • Goddess Worship
  • Basic Steps for Ritual and Ceremony
  • Lists of Goddesses of Air, Fire, Water, Earth
  • Lists of Goddesses of Wisdom and Creativity, Love and Passion, Wealth and Prosperity, Health and Wellbeing
  • Lists of Goddesses of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Lists of Goddesses for the Full Moon,  Dark or New Moon, Lunar Goddesses, and Solar Goddesses
  • Correspondences List Template

Be present with Her presence. Be unhidden with the divine energies moving in your life. Put pen to paper and release musings of your soul and honor new paths and relationships. Begin to feel your roots stretching back to Divine Mother.

Goddess is calling… are you ready to answer?

***THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Lulu links provided for printing and binding. The Workbook is formatted to print at home. 

Goddess Wisdom Workbooks are deep explorations into different Goddesses and Goddess Practices. They are designed to activate your connection to Goddess through sacred study and knowing. With each workbook, you are re-membering the soul seeds of Goddess deep within you. Through inspirational reflections and evocative prompts, you will reveal a wellspring of wisdom to enrich your connection to Goddess.

The Goddess Wisdom Workbooks are for those who are seeking a new and/or deeper connection and understanding of Goddess and Her Magick.

The workbooks are written by Kimberly Moore, Priestess and Founder of MotherHouse and Mystery School of the Goddess, who has served over twenty years as a Goddess Priestess.

The workbooks are designed by Marisa McCall, Managing Creative Editor for MotherHouse of the Goddess.


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