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Gwynne Warner-Donavon

Gwynne Warner-Donavon, creatress of 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui and a devotee of Kuan Yin, is a conduit between East and West, dancing between Heaven and Earth. She’s honored to be a contemporary daughter of the ancient Chinese wu women or shamankas—the healers, diviners, priestesses and geomancers. For over 30 years she’s been steeping in Asian mystical traditions, meditation practices and devotional ceremonies through the great kindness of Feng Shui and Taoist masters, temple aunties, and Buddhist nuns and monks. In her thirties, she took her Bodhisattva Vows with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Gwynne is an Advanced Certified Consultant and holds the Red Ribbon status, the highest accreditation available in the US, through the International Feng Shui Guild.

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About this course

PLEASE NOTE! Gwynne is on sabbatical until October 19th at which time this offering will return. Thank you!

“When a question is posed ceremoniously, the universe responds.”

{Chinese proverb}

The Chinese believe in a Cosmic Trinity of Fortune is made up of Heaven, Earth and Humanity Luck. Although we can’t alter the fixed destiny of our Heavenly Fate, we can vastly improve our Earth Luck (by absorbing auspicious energies with the practice of Feng Shui) and our Mankind Luck (through self-cultivation, good deeds, helpful people, positive mindset and so on)—two thirds of our Fate! 

The realm of Heaven Luck governs synchronicity, miracles, unexpected intervention, auspicious timing and divination. Seeking guidance through an Oracle is an easy yet profound way of being in harmony with Heavenly movements.

Chinese fortune tellers believe in the power of “divine foresight” when using a method of divination.  Divination is feminine in nature and an “Invisible Way”--powerfully subtle, poetic, metaphoric and magical. We’re asked to follow non-linear signs, symbols, whisperings, synchronicity and omens like flashes of lightning in the dark of night.

Just as our ancestors did before us, we consult the oracle seeking clarity, advice, comfort, healing, wisdom, boons or blessings to illuminate or transform our life.

We ask about current life situations, concerns or transitions such as romantic partnership, health, family, moving house, business or money. Maybe we ask if the energies are auspicious for a decision or event or to be warned of any misfortune. To patiently wait or excitedly move forward.

Traditionally, you consult the Oracle during the Chinese New Year; your birthday; New and Full Moons; and any time you seek help. But whenever you ask, the universe always responds with the potential of the present moment!


  • My consulting the Chinese Almanac for AN AUSPICIOUS DAY for blessings, offerings and ceremonies to gather Heaven Luck and perform your oracle reading
  •  My DIVINATION with the “Chinese Fortune reading Cards” based on the ancient bone oracle script from the Shang dynasty and created by Sharina Star 
  •  Your choice of an ORACLE SPREAD…

Your Past, Present + Future

Your Three Blessings

Your Three Lucks: Heaven, Earth + Humanity

Your Situation, Obstacle + Best Possible Outcome

Your Wish with Yin + Yang Energies

  • An mp3 AUDIO of your divination to listen to at your convenience as many times as you wish
  • An pdf with a full-color PHOTO of your three beautiful and evocative cards adorned with Asian symbols
  • A portfolio (mailed to your door) including BESPOKE FENG SHUI METHODS, PRACTICES or CEREMONIES (not from the book!), for each of your three cards for enhancing, supporting and embodying your oracle reading
  • A keepsake TREASURE sourced from Asia that’s been blessed and kept inside an altar until it’s sent to you

I’m deeply happy, honored and excited for your heart-felt participation.  May You Be Blessed 10,000 Times!


  • “What Is Feng Shui + How it Works” article
  • Podcast: “Feng Shui Blessings” with Goddess Alive Radio with Kimberly Moore
  • Podcast: “Abundance Conversations with Gwynne Warner” on The Abundology Podcast with Renee Spears.
  •  Your prayer request for will be added to my Feng Shui altar and a stick of fragrant temple sandalwood incense will be lit on your behalf.
  • You’re welcome to join the 10,000 Blessings Community, a sacred online temple for creating Fortunate Blessings and Loving Kindness through Feng Shui practices and devotions for the Goddess Kuan Yin!
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 “Gwynne is a bodhisattva of Feng Shui.” {Sage Cohen, Portland}

 “To me this is mind-bending so I work on myself to calm down and "just accept it." I am filled with gratitude and amazement.” {Dr. Deborah McKay, Portland}

 “Your support is a blessing to me...ten thousand blessings to be exact.” {Denise Harrington, Washington DC}


Once I receive your oracle question, full birth date, address and spread request via email, you’ll receive your MP3 audio and PDF photos no later than 9 days with your snail-mail parcel to follow.


1 payment of $45

US shipping included. Please inquire for international rates (for shipping the portfolio and treasure)


Due to the nature of this offering, there are no refunds. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions  Thank you!


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  • The parcel will be mailed out within 9 days of your order
  • Gwynne is not responsible for any delayed delivery by USPS or lost or stolen items