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Gwynne Warner-Donavon

Gwynne Warner-Donavon, creatress of 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui and a devotee of Kuan Yin, is a conduit between East and West, dancing between Heaven and Earth. She’s honored to be a contemporary daughter of the ancient Chinese wu women or shamankas—the healers, diviners, priestesses and geomancers. For over 30 years she’s been steeping in Asian mystical traditions, meditation practices and devotional ceremonies through the great kindness of Feng Shui and Taoist masters, temple aunties, and Buddhist nuns and monks. In her thirties, she took her Bodhisattva Vows with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Gwynne is an Advanced Certified Consultant and holds the Red Ribbon status, the highest accreditation available in the US, through the International Feng Shui Guild.

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About this course

“wind through pines
pure bodhisattva water
flowing, flowing
in the pine breeze
the saint's pure water
{Kobayashi Issa}

Spiritual bathing dedicated to Kuan Yin is an ancient and mindful ritual still found to this day in Asian temple baths and hot springs.  These baths invite curative healing, spiritual devotion and physical purification.

This “Wind through Pines” ceremonial bath invites you to imagine soaking in hot springs in a magnificent mountain forest as you pray to the Goddess of Mercy. The ceremony evokes the Kuan Yin devotees and Taoist female adepts, nuns and qigong masters living in the forest mountain temples of Japan and Korea cultivating their chi for spiritual awakening.

I’m excited to offer you the choice of two aromatic, meditative and devotional experiences that invite your deep silence, quiet rest and loving devotion for the Goddess of Mercy.

The bathing experience is inspired and heightened when accompanied by hinoki, a Japanese Cyprus, beloved in temples, bath houses and shrines for its relaxing, purifying and refreshing energy; a Japanese prayer bell; zu-koh, a Japanese incense used before ceremony; and a Japanese green tea, used by Buddhist monks before meditation.

I’m deeply honored for your heart-felt participation!  Om Namo Guan Shih Yin Pu’sa! 

There are TWO DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES to choose from:


  • A GUIDE TO CREATING A BATHING TEMPLE in your own bathroom at home
  • MOUNTAIN FOREST BATHING CEREMONY GUIDE for your one-on-one direct experience with Kuan Yin
  • A GUIDED MEDITATION that leaves you feeling energetically cleansed, refreshed and restored
  • “WIND THROUGH TREES: PLAYLIST Asian music for your tranquil bathing on Spotify



ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS A PARCEL OF SUPPLIES delivered to your door including…

  • GOKUHIN INCENSE BODY POWDER known as Zu-kohfrom a centuries-old Mt. Koya temple recipe, includes sandalwood, agarwood, clove and cinnamon. Traditionally used to purify both the worshipper and the ceremonial space. {1/16 ounce}
  • A TRADITIONAL JAPANESE CAST IRON WIND CHIME BELL made by the master artisan Iwachu
  • TUMBLED GREEN JADE beloved by Chinese for its energy for healing, good fortune, prosperity and longevity {1 piece}
  • HINOKI ESSENTIAL OIL beloved in temples, bath houses and shrines for its purifying, relaxing, and refreshing energies {about 30 drops}
  • HINOKI WOOD BATH POUCH {1 bath pouch}
  • RISHI’S ORGANIC JAPANESE GENMAICHA TEA made with roasted sticky rice with a rich nutty sweetness and a fresh sencha green tea originally used by Buddhist monks before meditation.
  • A JAPANESE TEA CUP made of high-quality white Amakusa porcelain
  • AN ALTAR CARD with an image image of Kuan Yin from a Japanese forest temple (which can be framed, if you wish)

$63 please sign up HERE

Only 6 parcels available! Includes US shipping only (please inquire for international shipping rates)


  •  A beautiful downloadable altar icon card of Kuan Yin to print, frame and place on your altar to gaze at Her incandescent beauty day and night
  • Your prayer request will be added to one of my many Kuan Yin altars and a stick of fragrant temple sandalwood incense or glimmering lotus candle will be lit on your behalf.
  • Kuan Yin Correspondences including Her names, feast days, mantras, gemstones and crystals, sacred implements, symbols, malas, trees, flowers, places in nature, animals, colors, incense, offerings and tea.
  • A Kuan Yin Playlist on Spotify. A collection of my beloved Kuan Yin mantras and songs in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan + Sanskrit.
  • A Curated Kuan Yin gallery on Pinterest
  • All registrants will be added to my email list and receive my twice-monthly 10,000 Blessings Ezine—Feng Shui and Kuan Yin practices as well as inspirational poems, ceremonies, audios and eye candy!
  • Membership in the 10,000 Blessings Private Facebook Community, a sacred online temple for creating Fortunate Blessings and Loving Kindness through Feng Shui practices and devotions for the Goddess Kuan Yin


“Thank you SO much for the exquisite “Lotus Moon” Kuan Yin Bathing Ceremony parcel!  I love every part of it! I made a special altar with my Kuan Yin statue and added the Lotus Moon beauties of sights, smells and sounds from Her! With deep gratitude to you for your inspiration to do the parcel with the special items you collected and blessed!

{Maxine Manning|Seattle}


This self-paced bathing ceremony allows you to begin at any time. Enrollment is now open.  There are only 6 parcels available.

Welcome, resources and content begin upon enrollment.


Due to the nature of this content, there are no refunds. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions  Thank you!


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