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Leah Wolfe

Leah is the archetypal herbalist. You know the one. The one who lives at the edge of town, at the edge of the woods, with all the weird plants. Leah directs the Trillium Center (, an educational project for natural arts, and offers musings, traditional medicine, and more at

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About this course

Health and Safety Kits: Prevention and Preparedness

Health-and-Safety-Kits is an online exercise in building an expanding sense of prevention and preparedness in mind and body. The stories and activities will show you how to do this for yourself, with strategies for building off of the basic "box" and expanding that to family, friends, and community. Whether you have first aid experience or not, you can build a health and safety box or bag. 

One of the best ways to learn is on your own, making your own mistakes. However, it's nice to have a bit of information whether you are putting together a basic herbal first aid kit, a home clinic, or  getting out to help others. This is an opportunity to avoid the mistakes I already made. Learn to build a health and safety box for yourself, for your home, for your car, for your family, for your friends, or for the people.

This self-study course is an accumulation of lessons learned from the front lines of disaster response and supporting large gatherings. As an herbalist and street medic of more than 10 years, I will share stories and gives you a tour of first aid kits, temporary first aid stations, herb tents, and mobile clinics to help you build from a basic health and safety kit.

My intent is to help  you feel more prepared for whatever comes your way. You do not need to be a medical professional or herbalist to benefit from this class. This is about learning how to keep your friends and family well during crises and to help people even when resources are limited.

Each lesson includes a story, some tips and tricks, and a chance to share ideas, make comments, and ask questions.

The "What If?" Game

  • Asking the Right Questions

The Magic Blanket

  • Laying it Out

The Basics

  • What's in Your Kit?


  • Looking Forward

Putting it All Together

  • Apocalypse Ready
  • Resources

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