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Renée Starr

Renée Starr is a multi-award winning author, 9 Moons Lunar Priestess, wild witch, Goddess devotee, and seeker of ancient wisdom for the modern woman. She offers her book, 'You Are Woman, You Are Divine" as a guide for the modern woman's journey back to The Goddess, along with her many classes, and workshops. Renée's Website:

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About this course


I look up often, to the beautiful, and magnificent moon to see where she is in her journey across the sky, so that I will know where I am in mine, here on earth. Each phase and astrological sign that she moves into offers me very specific and very helpful guidance for when I should be in stillness, action, expansion and contraction. By aligning my life to the lunar cycle, I have found that my life moves in a more graceful and easy way—so much so, that whenever I am experiencing difficulty, I can be sure that it is because I am out of synch with lunar rhythm.

Today, many women are feeling the call of something that they cannot name, cannot identify and cannot seem to find in the modern world. This call carries with it a feeling of longing and a hint of something wild, primitive, deep, untamed and very, very female. This is the call of the moon upon your womb, your blood and your soul, calling you home to yourself, to your feminine magic and to a practice of looking up at the moon in the night sky with an understanding that you are a part of her cycles, that you are lunar.

My own journey with the moon, and The Goddess began many years ago when I, too was hearing this call and searching with all of my heart to connect to my divine, feminine self. I read every book I could get my hands on and took every class that I could find. And I soon realized that within every teaching, every system and within every bit of Goddess wisdom, I was always being led back to one place and to one thing: the moon. Why was the moon so important to and for women? That question was elegantly answered one day, when I read this reference to the moon in Dion Fortune’s mystical book, The Sea Priestess, 

 “I found that the more I dwelt on her, the more I became conscious of her tides, and all my life began to move with them.”

It was as if a door opened in my mind, and a key turned in my heart. All that I had been yearning for, seeking and studying came to single point of awareness when I read that passage, and right then and there I devoted myself to the study and reverence of the moon as a way to deepen my relationship to my body, to my femaleness and to The Goddess. Seasonal, and magical, this magazine was created to help you align with the moon in such a way, too, and it is filled with the wisdom, inspiration and magic of the moon, and in this issue, we are featuring many ways for you to practice ritual while working with the moon, including excerpts from my courses, recipes from my apothecary, and fresh new articles from other wonderful authors. Enjoy!


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Filled with lunar wisdom and magical workings, it's a potent curation of lessons from my many moon magic courses: this is the essential guide for the moon witch!

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The Ways of The Moon
The Triple Goddess
The 9 Moons of Magic
Void of Course Moon
Super Moon
Blood Moon
Blue Moon
Black Moon
Cazimi Moon
Daily Moon Magic
Astrological Moon Magic
Elemental Moon Magic
Seasonal Moon Magic
Prayer for The Dark Moon Goddess

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What's Included

  • Welcome
  • The Witch's Moon Magazine / Issue No. 2 includes these articles:
    You Are (prayer-poem)
    The 9 Moons of Magic for Ritual
    The Altar of The Moon: the elements
    Healing the Wounds of Rejection with Mary Magdalene
    The Celtic Muses
    Bathing the Dead
    Celestial Magic
    Lunar Astrology; Spring Forecast
    Greet the Day Ritual
    Ritual of The In-Between
    Dark Moon Divination Ritual
    Plant Magic of The Moon: ritual moon baths
    Ritual for Creating a Sacrament Oil
    Interview with Kerrie Norris


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