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Mary Lomando

Mary Lomando is a professional Jungian astrologer and Egyptologist with an extensive background in psychology, mythology, and metaphysics. She has been a counseling astrologer for 25+ years. Mary has lived and worked in Egypt, where she completed her degree in Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. Her areas of expertise are the ancient Egyptian Mystery School teachings and the Goddess religions of the ancient Near East. In addition to teaching, writing and maintaining her world-wide astrological practice, Mary leads trips to Egypt. She is also Director of the Egyptian Blue Lotus Retreat Center in Luxor, and The Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation for the conservation and protection of the indigenous Blue Lotus. Mary believes that it is possible to access ancient wisdom using new vision for the betterment of humankind.

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About this course


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Over the years,  I have spent countless hours with the Goddess Sekhmet inside her temples in Egypt.  This course is a peek behind the temple enclosure into her inner sanctum. The Goddess herself has put out the word that she is "alive and well" and "rising" in our collective consciousness once again. This course is a direct result of that  message. 

Sekhmet Rising  has been designed as a step by step, guided,  initiation process into the lineage of the Goddess Sekhmet,  as a modern day tool for self-empowerment and psychological growth.  Certain mystery school  codes have been embedded into the language, and you will be using both your left and right brain for this work. Even if you do not "see" visuals during the  guided meditations, your body/mind is imprinting the coded  information.  Keeping a dedicated Sekhmet Journal throughout the twenty-one days is an invaluable tool. 

Throughout this 21-day course you will  learn all about the Goddess Sekhmet: her mythology; how to set up her altar; how to do an anointing ceremony; her tools for transformation; and how to access her energy for emotional  healing and transformation. As well, there are four guided meditations included to facilitate your connection. 

There are only a few requirements: a willingness to let go of the past and the courage to move forward in your life.  This course is not a magic wand, but a "power tool" for getting that inner work done.  

If your heart is in the right place, your mind will follow.   

This is how the initiation process begins; so now, let us take Sekhmet's hand and get ready for the big adventure!