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Gwynne Warner-Donavon

Gwynne Warner-Donavon, creatress of 10,000 Blessings Feng Shui and a devotee of Kuan Yin, is a conduit between East and West, dancing between Heaven and Earth. She’s honored to be a contemporary daughter of the ancient Chinese wu women or shamankas—the healers, diviners, priestesses and geomancers. For over 30 years she’s been steeping in Asian mystical traditions, meditation practices and devotional ceremonies through the great kindness of Feng Shui and Taoist masters, temple aunties, and Buddhist nuns and monks. In her thirties, she took her Bodhisattva Vows with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Gwynne is an Advanced Certified Consultant and holds the Red Ribbon status, the highest accreditation available in the US, through the International Feng Shui Guild.

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About this course


Feng means wind or energy and shui translates as water or fortune. Feng Shui is the harnessing of auspicious energy and good fortune.  The Wealth Area of any home is known as the “Fortunate Blessings” gua, governed by the Chinese trigram meaning Wind.

The ancient and profoundly powerful Feng Shui wisdom teachings of wealth generation and prosperous activity are about enriching, magnetizing and multiplying good things as well as creating the causes and conditions for your wishes of abundance to manifest.

Please join me for a beautiful and inspiring journey into the “Waterfalls of Fortunate Blessings”!


Week 1

  • Feng Shui teachings to magnetize helpful people, causes and conditions for your prosperity wishes
  • Creating a gorgeous Feng Shui wealth altar with traditional offerings
  • Clearing clutter and energy drains in specific areas to make physical, energetic and metaphoric space for wealth
  • Sealing your money leaks and drains 

Week 2  

  • Increasing your Human Luck
  • Cultivating an abundant mindset
  • The Chinese philosophy of “protecting the breadwinner” 
  • Looking at your money karma
  • Beautiful blessing rituals for giving and receiving money
  • Loving rituals of gratitude rituals including “The Ceremony of Milk and Honey” for receiving divine blessings

Week 3

  • Creating little temples of abundance throughout your home
  • Activating the “Mouth of Chi” to invite Good Fortune, Blessings, Opportunities, Benefactors and Wealth into your home
  • Enhancing the Wealth Gua (area) of your home with  transcendental practices

 Week 4 

  •  Creating Waterfalls of Fortunate Blessings with Feng Shui  water enhancements 
  • Making waters for abundance using saffron, gold and jade

 Week 5

  • Empowering your manifesting energy with The 10 Emperor Coins Visualization
  •  Releasing financial stress and worry with The Inhale|Exhale Breathing Meditation

 Week 6

  •  Making over your wallet, purse and checkbook with Feng Shui energizers
  • Secrets for activating checks you receive
  • Enjoying the “Cold Cash” method and a 15-day New Moon ritual

 Week 7

  • Enjoying “A Mountain of Gold”, “Money Toads”, “Growing Money in Jade Plants”
  • Ancient and profound practices for clearing money obstacles and shifting your prosperity luck

Week 8 

  • A secret method from my lineage of Feng Shui of “Borrowing Wealthy Chi”
  • Creating a Feng Shui outfit using the Chinese element of Metal
  • Incenses and essential oils used in Feng Shui for attracting abundance 
  • A ceremonial bath for invoking Fortunate Blessings
  • Antidotes for financial situations such as money “passing you by” or your “house under water” or “feeling broke”
  • Celebrating your journey with a Good Fortune cake!

The Feng Shui suggestions in this eight week self-directed course is easy-to-implement and affordable. This journey will leave you feeling INSPIRED, MOTIVATED + EXCITED! I’m deeply happy, honored and excited for your heart-felt participation.  May You Be Blessed 10,000 Times!


This self-paced 8 week course of 56 experiences of Feng Shui teachings, practices + rituals, invites you to begin at any time. Enrollment is now open. Welcome, resources and content begin upon enrollment.


1 payment of $36


1 payment of $126 HERE includes course AND a one-on-one thirty-minute virtual Feng Shui telephone consultation for your specific needs and concerns!

Please note, I’m so sorry but this second option is not available for international residents at this time


  • Feng Shui correspondences for a Feng Shui Wealth Altar and Offerings (pdf)
  • Your prayer request for abundance will be added to my Feng Shui wealth altar and a stick of fragrant temple sandalwood incense will be lit on your behalf
  • A curated Feng Shui for Prosperity gallery on Pinterest
  • Bagua Map + How to Use the Bagua Map (pdfs)
  • What is Feng Shui + How it Works (pdf)
  • My twice-monthly 10,000 Blessings Ezine—Feng Shui and Kuan Yin practices as well as inspirational poems, ceremonies, audios and eye candy!
  • Membership in the 10,000 Blessings Private Facebook Community, a sacred online temple for creating Fortunate Blessings and Loving Kindness through Feng Shui practices and devotions for the Goddess Kuan Yin


Due to the nature of this content, there are no refunds. If you’re undecided, feel free to reach out to me with any questions  Thank you!


“Gwynne is a bodhisattva of Feng Shui.”

{Sage Cohen, Portland} 

“I did the Feng Shui tasks as you asked and found over $2,000 in cash and un-cashed checks!!!”

{Hope Reffett|Vancouver} 

 “I've been most fortunate to work with Gwynne Warner for the last few years. She is a consummate professional, selflessly dedicated to her work and loves what she does--which is to help her clients. I meet with Gwynne several times a year for support in my business development goals. I usually far exceed my goals, and the bonus-- I always feel better after time spent with Gwynne.  I cannot recommend Gwynne and 10,000 Blessings enough!”

{Julie B. VP + Officer, Financial Services Portland}