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Mary Lomando

Mary Lomando is a professional Jungian astrologer and Egyptologist with an extensive background in psychology, mythology, and metaphysics. She has been a counseling astrologer for 25+ years. Mary has lived and worked in Egypt, where she completed her degree in Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. Her areas of expertise are the ancient Egyptian Mystery School teachings and the Goddess religions of the ancient Near East. In addition to teaching, writing and maintaining her world-wide astrological practice, Mary leads trips to Egypt. She is also Director of the Egyptian Blue Lotus Retreat Center in Luxor, and The Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation for the conservation and protection of the indigenous Blue Lotus. Mary believes that it is possible to access ancient wisdom using new vision for the betterment of humankind.

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About this course


 Join me as we enter the gateway  to the ancient Egyptian Goddess Mysteries. We will glimpse  the temples of Isis, Hathor and Sekmet , where  the sacred arts  were handed down and taught to the priests and  priestesses since the time of Atlantis. 

Astrology Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing and Dream Therapy were all taught in the Temple Beautiful, and I invite you to experience them now with me, as we access ancient wisdom with new vision.  

The Temple Beautiful is a free offering and I will be sharing guided Goddess meditations,  videos, and teachings from the temples in Egypt when I am there. Plus, you will receive astrological information for the New and Full Moons and an Egyptian meditation for each moon. 

Members of the Temple Beautiful will also receive special pricing for private consultation with me for astrology or Egyptian Tarot.   As well, all Temple Beautiful members are invited to join me in Egypt - details of the current trip are here

The Temple  Beautiful is my way  of combining  astrology, Egyptology, writing, and teaching,  as my personal  method  of being a modern day  Priestess, and  I invite all who are interested in the Sacred Mysteries  to step through the Gateway with me.  

May you walk in Truth and Beauty, always! Mary