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Leah Wolfe

Leah Wolfe, MPH, is an herbalist and folk artist in NE Ohio. She has a background in public health research and health education but has a penchant for the unexplainable. The Trillium Center, an educational project, emerged during the depths of winter 2012 and has been offering hands-on workshops and intensives in herbalism. The Trillium Center is run out of BLD farm, a small homesteading farm where she teaches people how to identify, process, and use wild plants. Classes are taught in a straw bale classroom made with local clay mixed with straw and cattail fluff. Leah travels cross country to gather plants in many ecosystems and teaches where ever there are people who want to learn more about plants and medicine. Contact her about having a class in your area or see what's coming at Go to to see her folk art.

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About this Course

From midsummer to midwinter, many cultures and spiritual traditions celebrate and honor their ancestors. Some believe that the veil between the human world and the spirit world weakens as the darkness of winter descends. Plants and herbs are often used to open the senses and inspire visions and lucid dreaming. Many of these same plants provide resilience in the dark days of winter.

Join herbalist Leah Wolfe on this seven-week journey to learn more about the plants of transcendence, the plants of visionaries, and the herbs for the thinning veils. Each lesson will include an in-depth discussion of the herb’s spiritual and medicinal uses, harvesting methods, recipes and activities and techniques to increase your intuition using plant energy.

Course content includes:

Introduction: The Veil Between the Worlds
Lesson 1 : Artemis and her Friends: Sagebrush and Mugwort
Lesson 2: The Green Fairy: Wormwood
Lesson 3: The Healer’s Healer: Yarrow
Lesson 4: Queen Anne’s Lace
Lesson 5: The Mother Bear: Motherwort
Lesson 6: Liquid Courage: St. John's wort
Lesson 7: Herb of Grace: Rue
Lesson 8: The Sacred Bough: Vervain
Lesson 9: The Elder
Lesson 10: Werewolf Root: Spreading Dogbane

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