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Leah Wolfe

Leah is the archetypal herbalist. You know the one. The one who lives at the edge of town, at the edge of the woods, with all the weird plants. Leah directs the Trillium Center (, an educational project for natural arts, and offers musings, traditional medicine, and more at

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About this course

The word “craft” descends to us from the old English word “craeft,” meaning strength or skill. “Crafting with the Elements” is about transforming your relationship with the elements, herbs, and nature. It is the skill of changing forms, the skill of creating, and the strength in creating. The elements of Earth - Air - Fire - Water - Spirit will guide you to craft new ways to infuse elemental healing into your daily routine.

Wild craft. Herb craft. Kitchen craft. Ritual craft. Spirit craft.

Learn how to use medicinal herbs safely, effectively, while honoring the traditions of western herbalism. 

“Crafting with the Elements” is about treasure hunting, kitchen experiments, medicine making, ritual building, and spirit elevating. It is the process of making things with your hands, your mind, your spirit. Embark on a wild crafting treasure hunt to connect you to the elements where you live. Get crafty in the kitchen with easy elemental recipes crafted for deep nourishment. Make your own elemental herbal medicines. Creating daily healing rituals. And for each element you will also have unique crafting experience to help you connect with the spirit that moves through all things.

Join herbalist Leah Wolfe in this 5-week online self-study course connecting herbs with the five  element theory of the western tradition.

Lesson 1 - Preparing for the Course

  • What is all this Crafting? 
  • Resources
  • Connecting to the Elements
  • Herbal Resources
  • Herbal Safety 

Lesson 1 - Air 

  • The Element of Spirit
  • Spirit Associations
  • Wild Crafting with Found Objects and Spring Middens
  • Kitchen Craft - Recipes for Spring
  • Medicine Craft - Making Incense and Herbal Steams
  • Ritual Craft - Starting with Flowers
  • Spirit Craft - Daydreams

Lesson 2 - Fire 

  • The Element of Spirit
  • Spirit Associations
  • Wild Craft - Summer Middens
  • Kitchen Craft - Spicing it Up - Lemonzingerous
  • Medicine Craft - Oxymel - Infused Vinegar
  • Ritual Craft - Plant Bundles and Smudging
  • Spirit Craft - Burning Wishes and Intention

Lesson 3 - Water

  • The Element of Spirit
  • Spirit Associations
  • Wild Craft - Autumn Middens
  • Kitchen Craft - Healing Broths and Soups
  • Medicine Craft - Infused Oils and Baths
  • Ritual Craft - Honoring Symbols and Heritage
  • Spirit Craft - Memories and Reflection

Lesson 4 - Earth 

  • The Element of Spirit
  • Spirit Associations
  • Wild Craft - Winter Middens
  • Kitchen Craft - Grounding Nourishing Roots
  • Medicine Craft - Cold Herbal Infusions
  • Ritual Craft - Lying on the the Earth
  • Spirit Craft - Mapping your Elemental Life

Lesson 5 - Spirit/Ether 

  • The Element of Spirit
  • Spirit Associations
  • Wild Craft
  • Kitchen Craft - The Bubbling - Fermentation
  • Medicine Craft - Medicine for the Mind
  • Ritual Craft - Developing Awareness
  • Spirit Craft - Spirals 

Lesson 6 - Final Thoughts - The Joker

  • The Joker
  • Resources and Recommendations

This course is an independent study to be done in your own time, on your own schedule.