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Kimberly Moore

Kimberly F. Moore is a Creative Catalyst and Mentor for Women; Shakti-Powered Entrepreneur; Blissful Revolutionary; Hungry Goddess; Writer; and Photographer. Creativity, Passion, and High Energy are her Super Powers and building empires of radical bliss is her life focus. She is also the Founder of the MotherHouse and Mystery School of the Goddess, as well as the Seeking Bliss Online Course Platform. She has been a Goddess Priestess for more than 20 years. Her areas of research, practice, and teaching are focused on Goddess Spirituality, Ritual Practice, Sacred HerStory, Comparative Mythology, and Archetypal Psychology. She has a special connection to Goddesses from the Greek, Hindu, and Yoruban traditions, but has worked with many other Goddesses through the years. She is an Aborisha in Lukumi and a Daughter of Oshun.

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About this course

There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life.

There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.

O traveler, if you are in search of That

Don't look outside, look inside yourself and seek That.

~ Rumi

Visioning a new year is a sacred process in my world and an annual ritual that delights and infuses me. It is a journey that encompasses considerations for mind, body, and spirit. As I began thinking about this class for the turn of the year into 2020, the word that kept resounding in my head was "renewal". This past year was challenging for many and renewal at this time of year is a great reset.

Join me as we create our sacred space above and below, within and without, and welcome Goddess to our Rites of Renewal! 

Soak in the sacred waters of Yemaya for a ritual bath and Oshun for an anointing rite. Infuse your home and personal temple with Hestia and her sacred flame. Center into divine silence with Sige. Call upon Queen of the Universe Bhuvaneshwari to expand your wishes and dreams. Incubate a plan for health and wellness with Hygeia. Ignite the flames of inspiration with Brigid. Embrace self compassion with Kuan Yin. Honor the Seasonal Soul with Gaia. Gather your Magick with Isis. Plant seeds of Renewal with Mawu. 

Bonus content begins on sign up and daily prompts begin 12/12/19 and end 1/11/20!

***GET YOUR NEW YEAR GODDESS - There is a special space in the course where all participants can request a New Year Goddess and I will pull a New Year Goddess just for you from my special Goddess Box that has over 800 Goddesses!

Our Journey also includes crystal and plant allies for renewal, the holy process of inviting your power words and feelings, divination to guide you into the New Year, plus prompts for vision boarding, art journaling, and creating mandalas and altars.


BONUS CONTENT (releasing now through 12/21):

  • Space for a New Year Goddess pull from Kimberly
  • Invite to my online Winter Solstice Goddess Meditation Circle with Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Bliss Lists to prepare for your New Year
  • Goddess HolyDays for 2020
  • Goddess Calendars for December & January
  • Winter Correspondences & Activities
  • Goddess Music and Winter Music Playlists


  • Yemaya for Ritual Cleansing
  • Oshun for Ritual Anointing
  • Hestia for Creating the Home Temple
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe for Winter Solstice Meditation
  • Strenia for the Turn of the Year
  • Sige for Centering into Silence
  • Honoring the Seasonal Soul with Gaia
  • Offerings for Fortuna
  • Befana the Gifting Witch
  • Incubating Health and Wellness with Hygeia
  • Gathering Your Personal Magick with ISIS
  • Expanding Wishes and Dreams with Bhuvaneshwari
  • Planting Seeds with Mawu
  • Igniting Inspiration with Brigid
  • Self Compassion Practices with Kuan Yin


  • Crystals and Plant Allies for Renewal
  • Banishing & Blessing Practices
  • Ways to Clear Negative Energy
  • Personal Protection Practices
  • Crystals and Plant Allies for Banishing and Blessing
  • Floor Wash for your Home
  • Creating the Home Temple with Hestia


  • Setting Intentions
  • Vision Boarding
  • Art Journaling
  • Choosing Power Words
  • Aligning feelings with intentions


  • Divinations for the New Year
  • Spreads for Goddess Cards, Tarot, and Oracles
  • Connecting with your Animal Allies
  • Crystals, Herbs, and Oils for Divination
  • How to Prepare for a Reading and Cleanse Your Cards


  • Astrology Updates from my Favorite Astrologers
  • Astrology Forecast for 2020
  • How to work with the eclipses of December and January

SIGN UP REMAINS OPEN THROUGH JANUARY 2020 and the course content is accessible until December 2020 so you can return anytime throughout the year as a "reset" for times of growth, evolution, or revolution!