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Karen Frasca

Karen is a mystic soul, intuitive mentor, writer and creative who is passionate about helping people live the fullest expressions of themselves through cultivating their connection with the Divine and their own Inner Mystic – the source of deep wisdom, clarity, and transcendence.

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About this course

In Celtic traditions, the festival of Samhain (All Hallows Eve) ushers in the dark half of the year. Samhain is a liminal time between light and dark, summer and winter, when the mists between the worlds are at their thinnest and we might travel more easily between them. Morgan Le Fay, High Priestess of Avalon and Queen of the Celtic Otherworld, is the perfect guide to help us navigate between the worlds during this "thin time" in the Wheel of the Year. 

In this free, self-directed mini-course, we will:

  • Meet Morgan Le Fay, learn about her origins, who she really is, and what she has to teach us as modern women
  • Explore the realm of Avalon, the Sacred Isle of Apples, and learn about the Silver Bough--the key to the Celtic Otherworld
  • Discover the plants, trees, gemstones and animals that resonate best with Morgan's energy
  • Create an altar to honor Morgan 
  • Embark upon a guided journey, or immram, to connect with Morgan and ask for her wisdom and support as we approach Samhain and the quiet, introspective winter months.

As the days grow shorter and darker, we find ourselves inclined to follow Nature's lead, quieting down and preparing for a deep dive into the depths of our souls and psyches. Now is the time to turn our light back within, so we might illuminate our inner world, face our shadows, and do the necessary work to heal and grow stronger. Treasure awaits in the darkness. Yours will be revealed with the sovereign and powerful Morgan Le Fay by your side.  



  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Morgan Le Fay: Ancient and Timeless Queen of the Otherworld
  • Morgan Le Fay Correspondences
  • Creating an Altar to Honor Morgan Le Fay
  • Guided Meditation: Immram to Avalon


  • Parting the Mists with Morgan Le Fay is a five-lesson, self-directed course including digital content and beautifully designed, printable PDF lessons 
  • Welcome & Introduction lessons begin immediately upon registration 
  • You will receive a total of five lessons, delivered every other day


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