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About this Course

Take the Plunge! Priestessing I Course 
This course encompasses the essentials of personal ritual, the heart of a priestesses' daily life, and the first steps toward leading a group.

Wherever you are on your path as a priestess, either taking the first steps or well on your way down this ancient trail, we are glad that you are here. We hope that these classes are useful for you as you step into your power, making it easier to find the tools you need, both external and internal, to support you as priestess.

Priestessing is as much an internal as an external journey. As priestesses, we must know the way "within" before we can lead others. So, this first course about priestessing is geared toward leading personal ritual. We will explore creating sacred space for ritual and building altars, the cycles of the sun and moon, the elements, and the directions. The final part of the course is putting together your own personal ritual. 

There are discussion portions at the end of each lesson. We will be online with you, answering your questions and reading about your experiences. We are both so excited to be on this journey with you!  

Your guide for this course is Anne Key. She is a practicing priestess, academic, writer and teacher, and is dedicated to creating opportunities for everyone to connect with the Divine and for women to step into positions of spiritual authority. We hope this course of study helps you to connect both within and without.

Included in the tuition for this course is a copy of Stepping Into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings on Priestesses (retail $34.95 -- extra shipping charges for addresses outside of the US).

Priestessing 1: Essentials for Personal Ritual

Lesson 1 Introduction to Priestessing 1: Take the Plunge

Lesson 2 Creating Sacred Space

Lesson 3 Creating an Altar

Lesson 4 Solar and Lunar Calendars

Lesson 5 Knowing the Directions I

Lesson 6 Knowing the Directions II

Lesson 7 Knowing the Elements

Lesson 8 The Heart of the Ritual

Lesson 9 Take the Plunge

Lesson 10: Next Steps