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Kimberly Moore

Kimberly F. Moore is a Creative Catalyst and Mentor for Women; Shakti-Powered Entrepreneur; Blissful Revolutionary; Hungry Goddess; Writer; and Photographer. Creativity, Passion, and High Energy are her Super Powers and building empires of radical bliss is her life focus. She is also the Founder of the MotherHouse and Mystery School of the Goddess, as well as the Seeking Bliss Online Course Platform. She has been a Goddess Priestess for more than 20 years. Her areas of research, practice, and teaching are focused on Goddess Spirituality, Ritual Practice, Sacred HerStory, Comparative Mythology, and Archetypal Psychology. She has a special connection to Goddesses from the Greek, Hindu, and Yoruban traditions, but has worked with many other Goddesses through the years. She is an Aborisha in Lukumi and a Daughter of Oshun.

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About this course

Through hundreds (thousands) of years of persecution and degradation of women and the Divine Feminine, Mother Mary has survived as a beacon of love and peace, transcending religious traditions and cultures. No matter what the patriarchy has attempted in eradicating Goddess and the Divine Feminine, Mother Mary remains a light to humankind and the representation of the pure love of Mother. She infuses our hearts and brings hope to the darkest corners of our souls. 

A novena is a succession of devotional prayer totaling nine days. Traditionally, novenas are performed in Catholicism and some forms of Protestantism and usually are devoted to Mother Mary. These nine day vigils have been documented since the third century. Novenas may be performed for special intentions, requests of intercession, or to a particular deity or saint, such as Mother Mary. Our Novena is seeking alignment with and exploration of nine aspects of Mother Mary. Many of these aspects are syncretized to other Goddesses and practices throughout the world. 

Are you in need of the healing of the Blessed Mother? Are you looking to connect to the Divine Feminine in a gentle and powerful way? Are you ready to open your heart and open yourself to the love and blessings offered by Goddess?

The Novena begins as soon as you sign up and you will receive a discussion and mini meditation (audio recordings), journal prompt, prayers, and suggested practice each day for nine days of the Novena. The content remains accessible so you can return and renew as often as you like. 

Aspects of Mother Mary in the Novena:

  • Mary as Theotokos - Mother of God
  • Mary as the Black Madonna
  • Mary as Our Lady of the Rosary
  • Mary as Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Mary as Star of the Sea (Stella Maris)
  • Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Mary as Queen of Heaven
  • Mary as Queen of All Saints
  • Mary as Our Lady of Loreto

Also included with the Mother Mary Novena is extensive bonus information: Mother Mary correspondences, altar ideas, and resources to continue your exploration.

I am delighted and honored to hold this space of inspiration to expand our hearts and minds. 

See you in the Novena! xo Kimberly

**The Mother Mary Novena includes new and refreshed material from 2018.